Friday, 17 April 2015

Ivory Box.

Hi everyone, since i've been working with the pre ban ivory i acquired and constructed the treasure casket with i thought id make a few more basic tiny boxes in different styles.

These are just very basic and simple boxes which have no hinges so the lid is fully removable this first one measures 25mm in width and is 13mm in depth so could be suitable for holding letters keepsakes or trinkets, The box i'm currently working on is slightly bigger and has an inlaid olive wood lid. Available on my FOR SALE page.
Have a great weekend everyone. Tony

Friday, 10 April 2015

Treasure Casket.

Sometimes i have so many ideas for pieces i want to create that i have to write them down in detail or even make a quick sketch so i dont forget, This piece of work was one of those but i had to wait until i was in a position to replenish the Ivory i needed to complete it this came about a few weeks ago when someone i've known for a few years told me he had some for sale as he had just refurbished a church organ that was built in 1835 the casket which would eventually hold that golden tiny jug began to take shape.

Ive had the tiny gold jug for some time and always felt it was a difficult item to include within another piece of work that would make it work as one piece but after some thought i came up with this idea that i think has worked perfectly. The casket itself measures just 21mm square and stands 41mm in height it is as you can see just slightly smaller than the matchstick.
The casket also has a draw which contains a tiny silver roman coin fragment this is exactly how it came out of the ground , you can just make out the head on one side of the coin unfortunately i have no idea who it portrays.

The jug is a comfortable fit but is tricky to remove with your fingers well mine at least but i'm sure someone with nimble and steady hands would be just fine the box and draw are lined with antique dark blue victorian velvet from an old jewellery box.

I think the two go together perfectly and the casket just finishes the whole piece off,  the jug is also hallmarked as 9ct Gold but i'm not sure of the makers mark or date.

A perfect little treasure casket that holds two very unique items. This piece will also be available on my FOR SALE page.
I'll hopefully be making some more miniatures out of the same batch of ivory that this was made with in the future and look forward to sharing these with you too. Have a great weekend everyone.  Tony.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Miniature Treasure.

My next piece of work is something quite special and will be housed in another special piece which i will keep you updated on.

Measuring just 13mm tall this 9ct Gold hallmarked jug is a replica of a roman wine jug complete with pattern embossed into the metalwork itself as the real jug would have had. This little treasure will be housed in a tiny ivory casket which is my next project along with another tiny piece of history. Im certainly looking forward to making this next piece as i have a great interest in history and incorporating it into pieces i make as and when i can.
A happy easter weekend to everyone. Tony.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Miniature Fungi Study.

Hi everyone, well as promised the cabinet for the fungi is now complete this was made from walnut and pre ban ivory on the draw front and side panels.

I very much enjoyed making this piece of work as its something i've not really made before with the exception of the cabinet and have no doubt i shall be making a few more which will be slightly different in appearance this piece will be available in my FOR SALE section shortly. I thought id also share these beautiful Apothecary Naturalistically Painted Plaster Display Models of Fungi, these have been mounted on wood bases with a paper label giving the Latin name for each variety Probably French Circa 1900
I think you'll agree that these are quite beautiful and very interesting, Visual aids don't really exist like this anymore and pieces like these have become more and more valuable and collectable.
Have a great weekend everyone.  Tony.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Giveaway Winner.

My grandson was more than willing to choose the lucky name for my giveaway which ended yesterday.
All the names were placed into a glass which he then picked one out at random.

                                               The Lucky name he picked was Dominique.
So congratulations to Dominique and many thanks to all who entered maybe next time it maybe you.
Dominique if you would kindly email me so you can tell me where you would like your package sending ☺
And id just like to thank everyone again who entered .  More photos to come soon of the cabinet which is just about complete and holds the mushrooms and fungi. Have a great day everyone.  Tony.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

A study of Mushrooms and fungi.

I got the idea for this piece of work while out walking my dog and came across some wonderful fungi that was growing in a bank of moss after some careful thought i decided to have a bash at making some but wasn't sure what material to use.

After looking through my bits and bobs i decided to carve them from all the tiny bits i keep when making other miniatures in this case Whitby jet, Ivory and Tortoise shell it didn't really matter if i broke the pieces as they were starting to take shape as i have plenty of offcuts and tiny broken bits with which i could start again but i was very happy how they turned out, i've always struggled to find a use for these tiny bits of material but it turned out so well i don't think this will be the last you see! Next up to make a cabinet in which to display it. ☺
Have a great weekend everyone.  Tony.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Cobblers Bench Compleated.

Hi everyone so as promised heres the cobblers bench completed with all the tiny accessories. Its been such a pleasure making this piece and i've enjoyed every minute and can't wait to see it in its new home. Thank you Michelle for giving me the inspiration and opportunity to make this for you.

Now my next project is different from anything i've ever made before and one which again i've thoroughly enjoying and hopefully you will too,( Anyone like mushrooms and toadstools!) thats the only clue i'm giving out for now as i'm still in the very early stages of it coming together, but i'm sure some of you will like what you will see ☺ Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.