Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year.

In my last post for 2011 id like to take the opportunity to thank all my followers both new and old and the friends i have made since i started this journal back in June 2011 and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2012.
                                             Happy New Year ☺ 

This tiny container for holding buttons sits perfectly inside one of the removable sections of the sewing box. Its made from ivory and the lid is Lapis Lazuli the handle on top is from a vintage Swiss watch.

The container is 8mm wide and 10mm in height . I have also managed to construct the draw for the bottom section of the box all that's left to do is face it with ivory and attach a handle then i can start to work out which implements are going to sit where in the draw.
Have a wonderful New Year everybody and thank you all again for taking an interest in my work and  for sharing yours with me.                              Tony.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sewing Accessories.

So today i dosed myself up with flu tablets and sat in front of the fire all day carving what you see in the photo out of 2mm cocktail sticks, I've left them still attached to the stick itself to give you an idea of scale. The piece at the far right once detached from the stick itself will become a thimble, some of the others i have also added thread to so i could get the overall effect of what they would look like.

These have all had a coat of wax to enhance the wood and protect. Just a few more items to complete now before hopefully i feel up to standing outside and making the draw.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i create.
Hopefully i shall have one last post this.         Tony.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sewing Box Update.

Ive been finding it difficult to concentrate on this piece these past couple of days as it feels like I'm coming down with the flu or something, i tend to usually work outside but its been so cold what little i have done has been accomplished while sitting next to a log fire indoors. Ive managed to build the two box sections that fit inside the main box originally i was undecided if i should make these removable or fix them in place but i opted for making them removable.

The centre section has been lined with black velvet as this was the only material i had enough off to complete the whole box so the bottom draw will also be lined with this to.
Both ivory lids are now complete and fit perfect over the boxes when in place inside the main box. The main box has also had the inside covered in gold leaf. I'm going to spend the rest of this week making more tools and such for the inside while trying to shake off the flu.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and got everything they wished for.
                                                 Have a great week.            Tony.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seasonal Greetings.

As im working from now until boxing day this will be my last opportunity to make a post before christmas so i would like to take this moment to wish all of my new and old friends and followers a wonderful safe and happy christmas.

                                                   A Very Merry Christmas.


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sewing Box Accessories.

These are some of the accessories that will be part of the sewing box once complete. Ive tried where possible to use as much of the ivory offcuts as possible to construct these pieces.

To give an idea of scale the pin cushion in the centre is 5mm in width, the needle holder which is stood up was a challenge as i decided i wanted the top to be removable which i eventually achieved after several attempts of the ivory splitting. Theres also on the far left a clamp and the implement at the front I'm not sure what this would have been used for as i copied this from a full size sewing box.
Its been a challenge to make some of these pieces but I'm sure once the box is complete it will all be worth it.
Have a wonderful week everyone.            Tony.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sewing Box.

Ive managed to make a start on the sewing box i wrote about in my previous post, i started off by making the carcass from walnut then i spent a whole afternoon cutting the ivory to the required thickness some of which split once i started cutting but hopefully i will be able to use these pieces for making the tools which will fit inside.

The lock plate is  meant to resemble a face, the mouth being where the key will be inserted, the timber that is visible in the photograph will eventually all be covered in gold leaf . The centre section is where a rare little object will sit and the two end sections will both have ivory lids fitted one side for silk thread the other for sewing implements. The bottom draw will also contain a variety of sewing tools and implements hopefully made from ivory and will be lined with either silk or some other material once complete.Still a long way to go yet but I'm happy how things are moving along.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks to my regular followers who continue to support my blog and leave comments on my posts it is greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful week everyone and take care.         Tony.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Rainy Days

I started today off walking the dog in the rain i always find this very therapeutic and relaxing and the dog enjoys it too, it gave me a chance to think about what i am going to do for my next project and work out in my mind the best way of going about it.
most of the materials i require to build this piece i already have so next is to make a few rough drawings to confirm my ideas will work.
If you remember in a earlier post i made a Tudor sewing box that contained a genuine Tudor button this time i want to make another sewing box but include all of the implements,  scissors, needle case and such but also include a little treasure!

Without giving to much away the piece i make will have a draw which will contain most of the implements you see in the box above, but also a place where silk thread can be stored to.

I just love the tools and implements in the photo above so I'm going to try and recreate as much as i can in bone/Ivory even the needles if possible. The box itself will be walnut with an ivory overlay so making the tools in the same material makes sense.Hopefully this project will keep me occupied between now and the new year and i shall post weekly updates on how things are progressing.

A very warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking the time to follow and read my blog.
Have a great and safe week eveyone.           Tony.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Keeping Organised.

I decided this past weekend that i would have a general tidy up and take account of what materials and objects i have for future projects so I've not really been working on any pieces.
With a little help from my son i soon managed to get things back in order and know exactly what materials i was keeping and what i would throw away, ( i have a bad habit of keeping the smallest offcuts of wood!).
Well to cut a long story short while i was finishing up my son had been sat down for a while playing around with a small piece of wood and to my surprise produced this tiny carving of a goblet.

Needless to say i was pleasantly surprised! The goblet is carved from Oak and measures 3/4 inch.
I'm hoping in the future that maybe we can create some pieces together.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my blog.

Have a great weekend everyone.            Tony.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Giveaway Draw.

I promised my 4 year old grandson that he could choose the winning name on my blog giveaway so here he is choosing the winner.

                                                        The winner is ALEXANDRA


                            Could you please send me your email address so i can arrange postage.
                                           My contact button is in the right hand colum

I would also like to thank everyone else who took the time to leave a comment and participate in my first ever giveaway, i have thoroughly enjoyed it and only wish i could send everyone a small gift.
I look forward to hosting another in the future.

Have a great weekend everyone and many thanks :)         Tony

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Medieval Livery Cupboard.

Finally complete this is my personal version of a livery cupboard which dates to around 1650. The timber used to create this piece is English Oak and dates to around 1630 and was acquired from a house undergoing renovations.

I decided from the start that i wanted to included some draws in the construction these would maybe have been used for holding spices or expensive ingredients for that period. The inside of the cupboard has been hand painted in a yellow orhre paint which also would have been accurate for that period.

Solid brass butterfly hinges hold the front doors in place and the whole piece is held together with wooden dowels the cupboard door knobs are individually hand carved from the same timber. This piece of work like all of my others is unique in that another will not be made in the same design.

Its been a great piece to make and i have enjoyed sharing the development of the piece with everyone.

I would also like to welcome all of my new followers, i was a little surprised to say the least when i saw how many i now have, many thanks for taking the time to view my blog and follow my work.

There's still 6 days remaining until my giveaway ends so if you wish to be entered for a chance to win just leave a comment on why you would like to own this particular piece of work, you never know you could be lucky!

Have a great week everyone       Tony.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cupboard Update.

After looking at different options for handles for the cupboard doors and draw fronts i decided that i liked just the plain wood ones which are pictured in the photos below. I carved these from the same timber and temporarily fixed them into position so i could get an overall view on how it looked and they blend in perfectly.

Getting each one to look pretty much the same took some time as i carved these with just a sharp scalpel blade.

All the insides of the draws have been painted in a rich yellow orche to match the cupboard interiors, the next step is to complete the upper cupboard draw fronts and attach them and finally give it another couple of coats of bee's wax.
Greetings to all of my new followers,and many thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i make and write about.
I'm quite amazed at how many people have left comments on my giveaway post and I'm sure that one lucky reader of my blog will be happy with what they receive thank you to all for taking the time to read through it and leave your comments.
Have a great week everyone  :)                      Tony.


Friday, 11 November 2011

Giveaway Gift.

Ive been saying for the past couple of weeks that i was intending to do a giveaway as a small thank you for all who follow my blog and show an interest in what i make.This is the piece of work which is up for grabs.

Based on a Tudor jewellery casket, this piece has been made using Bone/Ivory and is also lined with red material which came from a broken Victorian jewellery box.

Inside sits a beautiful Rare welsh smokey quartz gemstone which i had cut around 20 years ago i actually had two cut from the same piece of quartz i had, the other remains in my personal collection.

                     The outer dimensions of this piece are 20mm square,the inside measures 15mm.

All you have to do to stand a chance of winning this wonderful small treasure is be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment saying why you would like to own it simple as that!
                    The winner will be picked at random and announced on the 26th November 2011.

                                                       Best of luck to everyone.    Tony.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Doors Fitted.

The Cupboard is moving along nicely and this week i have managed to build and attach the bottom pair of cupboard doors ive also given it 3 coats of bee's wax. I have to say this piece is becoming a favourite of mine it has a wonderful feel and weight about it and the wood still retains its old smell.

The interior has been painted in a yellow ochre coloured paint, the next step is for me to decide if i should fit handles onto the cupboards doors or not as in the photo in the previous post where only latches have been used? Hmm im thinking that if i decide not to fit handles onto the doors that the draws are going to look a little odd with handles fitted to them.The other problem is that with this being a miniature if i don't fit handles or knobs to the doors then its going to be rather difficult to open them. Ideas or comments on this are appreciated!!
I'm also still working on a special piece as a giveaway gift hopefully pics will be posted soon so stay tuned for a chance to win a rather special little treasure!
Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Livery Cupboard Update.

Things are moving along nicely with this piece and I'm just about ready for starting work on the door fronts and draws.

The whole exterior is made from English Oak dating to around 1630 and held together with wooden dowels these will be toned down once i wax the completed piece.

Ive decided on constructing four cupboards, three draws in the upper half which are all different in size and then one large draw in the centre, once made the cupboards will have decorative fretwork panels and be held in place with butterfly hinges. I'm also going to decorate the interior cupboards with hand painted patterns before fitting the cupboard fronts.The dimensions for this piece are:-
130mm Height x 115mm Width x 50mm Depth.
A very warm welcome to my new followers,many thanks for taking an interest in my works and following my journey in the miniature world.
Have a great week everyone     Tony.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Timber.

Ive recently managed to get hold of some beautiful timbers from various buildings in the process of being restored or sadly being demolished, some of these timbers or so Ive being told were once part of a wooden hull ship, as some of you may know at the height of the industrial revolution the introduction of the first iron clad steam ships saw the demise of the large wooden hull ships and many were broken down  used in the construction of houses and farm buildings around the country but especially in coastal towns.

The photo above is a piece of English oak that once formed the lintel above a door way, this building had actually had render placed over all of the wooden features which obviously made them impossible to see until the property was bought and renovations had started to take place.
Over the next few weeks i will be using this timber to create some new pieces which will represent copies of furniture from that period.
The first piece which i have already started is based around a Livery cupboard which dates to around 1600 -1650 . Ive been studying different styles and designs of these types of furniture and have borrowed a few ideas and put them all together to create my own unique design. The image of the one below is by far my favourite but Ive decided to add some draws .

Ive not quite made my mind up yet if i should use timber fretwork panels for the doors or carved bone but I'm still in the early stages of this piece so Ive got a little time yet to decide, I'm also working on a small present for my wife for Christmas hopefully i will put some photos up of this in a few weeks, and finally i have a small project on the go which once complete will be used in my first giveaway so stay tuned for more details on that too. A warm welcome to my new followers, Many thanks for taking an interest in my works and following my blog.
Have a great week everyone!           Tony.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Ladies Work Table Complete.

Aptly named Lady Ann's Table! Lift the top and inside rests the personal ring seal of Lady Ann Pope the damaged document this was taken from was dated 1629, the seal itself is in remarkable condition and is still attached to the original document vellum with part of the green ribbon still visible underneath.The top of the lid is covered in red calf leather.

The seal has been encapsulated in a solid brass airtight compartment with a quartz viewing window and is set with 4 green gemstones and 4 clear gemstones around the outside these were taken from broken pieces of old jewellery and in my opinion give the piece a distinct Renaissance feel.

A unique and wonderful piece of history encased in its own miniature piece of furniture.
A warm welcome to my new followers, and many thanks for taking an interest in my blog.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Table Update.

I made sure i put some time aside to take a couple of photos this week. As you can see from the photos i have decided instead of making four legs to just make one instead, after looking at various different designs online most of the ones i viewed seemed to all follow this trend so i decided i would to.

Its not quite finished yet as i still have some decoration to add to the lower half, but the basic shape is complete. Dimensions are 75mm height x 50mm width.

There's also a little more work to do on the inside once this is done i shall take some more photos showing the inside and the contents which is in my view a remarkable little treasure.
The wood i used to make this piece was once a box used for holding engineering instruments which dated to around 1900 it was tosed away so i decided i would take it home and put it to some use i think you would agree it looks better like this than burnt on a bonfire.
Stay tuned for the compleated piece next week and the contents!
As always a very warm welcome to my new followers, and a big thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i make.
                                                 Have a great week everyone.  Tony.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ladies Work Table.

 In recent weeks I've been asked if i would ever consider making other items of furniture for example tables chairs and cupboards but to name a few, the short answer is yes i do indeed intend to make other items but at present working with basic tools means that certain things like the legs on a chair take rather a long time to create.
After returning from my short break i decided that i would like to have a go at making a ladies work table, so with an idea in mind i started looking at various tables and shapes until i had the idea firmly stuck in my head what i wanted to do.

After deciding what the table would hold the shape was fixed as a octagonal and could not be changed.A little ambitious but its going to be fun! 
One thing that didn't appeal to me was that a lot of these tables like the one above were draped in different fabrics alas working in miniature with fabric is not something I've tried so i opted to use just timber with  an external decoration in bone.
I have just about managed to construct the top section but sadly have not managed to upload any photographs so will leave this until next weekend when hopefully the top section should be fully completed.
As always i have fully enjoyed constructing the piece especially with it being something new and also that i have never attempted to make before, any errors which i have made will be learnt from and noted so i don't make the same mistake again.
Check back next week for a full update including hopefully some photographs!

Id just like to say a  warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my work.
Have a great week everyone   Tony.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Holiday finds.

Thought id share a couple of photographs of my finds from last weeks holiday, first off my tiny beach finds.

As an idea of scale the tiny orange coloured crab is just 10mm, these are but a few of the tiny treasures i discovered and already have plans for.
Next is a shot of the cleaned up metal detecting finds i made, the tiny 14th Century  bee hive thimble( 4 ) i was extremely happy about finding as its the first one i have come across and its in pretty good condition.

No 1 is a roman stud fitting,  No 2 15th Century button , No 3 is a spent 50cal ammunition round this has a interesting story behind it which i will write about in a later post. No 4 14th Century bee hive thimble, No 5 old possibly 19th or late18th century naval button, and finally 6 and 7 are both Georgian trade weights. Some interesting little treasure hopefully of which i will be incorporating into miniature works .         
                                                                Have a great week  Tony.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Back to reality

Back from a relaxing holiday and eager to get started on some new projects.While away i managed to do some metal detecting and came across some beautiful finds including a 14th Century Beehive thimble in perfect condition also medieval buttons and a few roman artefact's, i may be incorporating these into some new projects. Inspiration also came from an old church close to where we stayed below is a photograph of a tomb inside the church which was built in 1300.

This place was a little treasure and i was glad i took the time to explore not only inside but also the grounds where i came across various graves of soldiers shot by smugglers.

                             The pace of life in this village was almost as if time had stood still

Ive also taken delivery of some new timber which was originally part of a ship that was dismantled and used in the construction of a building I'm looking forward to making some new pieces with this.

A warm welcome to all of my new followers, again many thanks for taking an interest in what i make,have a great week everyone!                    

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Knights Protector.

A little different from what i usually make but this little chap is mounted on the wall next to our front door in his own little shelter.

                    The wood is English 17th Century Oak fitted together using solid brass dowels.

The small knight is carved from the tip of a deer antler and sits perfectly in his little shelter watching over everyone who enters.

                                                      Have a a great week everyone    Tony.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ivory Box.

Not quite completed yet but i thought i would post some photos anyway and maybe seek some opinions on what i could put inside it. The box is made from ivory which i cut into 1mm slices and then applied to an oak carcass.Dimensions are 45mm x 20mm x 20mm.

The lid is not attached with hinges, but is just a lift off lid.Once i have an idea of what i will place inside then i will complete the interior decoration to. This will be my last piece of work for a couple of weeks as next weekend I'm taking a short break to the coast but hopefully will return with fresh ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to start again.

I'm quite amazed how many followers i seem to be gathering, a warm welcome to all of my new ones and thank you for taking an interest in my work. I'm thinking that maybe my first giveaway is on the cards!! Stay tuned. Remember if you have any ideas as to what i can put inside the box drop me a line.
                                                  Have a great week everyone.           Tony.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Head Of The Beast.

I had fun making this piece, I've seen many weird and wonderful remains of so called beasts and animal oddities that i decided to have a go at making my own.

Aptly named the head of the beast, the story goes that the remains of this specimen were found in woodland at Elmhurst Hall in 1764, the beast had apparently been blamed for the slaughter of 3 game keepers in previous years. The cause of death was unknown.

                      Engraving of Elmhurst hall c1874 Where the Cabinet was found in storage.

The Cabinet is made entirely of Oak and then lacquered, i then chipped off pieces of lacquer to give a look of age and of an item of furniture that had been hidden away for many years.

                               The Latin script at the bottom of the cabinet simply translates to
                                 Mankind is poised midway between the gods and the beasts

            I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome all of my new followers and for all the comments i have received on the pieces i make it truly is inspiring.
Also many thanks to all the fellow miniaturist who have purchased pieces of my work from me including  Brae (Otterine) who purchased the very first Miniature piece of work i made. I'm sure it will look just perfect in your Haunted House, please check out here awesome work you wont be disappointed.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Wonderous Wunderkammer.

Ive been exceptionally busy over the last week or so and have not really had much free time to concentrate on miniatures, my grandson stayed with us over the weekend, he looks forward to seeing what I'm working on and sometimes watching me make them.
Because i have not taken any photographs of the new piece I'm presently working on i thought id share a photograph of a piece i made quite a while back.

I called this piece ''Time waits for no one'' The time piece mounted in the top of the skull is french and still actually ticks if it is wound. Everything used to produce this piece of work with the exception of the skull came from watch and clock components. This piece of work will remain in my own collection. Dimensions are 55mm in height, and the glass dome is 25mm wide.
Over the last month or so Ive been asked a few times if i intend to build a dolls house of some sort, i have been making notes and drawing the odd sketch here and there when i get an idea but i have come to the conclusion that what i want is not really a full blown 1/12 scale house so I'm concentrating all my ideas now into just one room, a wunderkammer room.

Ive not decided yet if this will be built into a cabinet or if it will be something like a free standing box I'm still toying with ideas in my head.What i am sure of is that it will be quit large these rooms were like museums and it will  contain plenty of miniature wonders and oddities as well as fossils and miniature mineral specimens.
I will post progress and ideas on this from time to time,Alternatively if you have any ideas you would like to share then please feel free to leave a comment.

            A warm welcome to my new followers, many thanks for taking and interest in my works
                                              Have a great week everyone.      Tony.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tudor Sewing Box.

   Firstly a warm welcome to my new followers, many thanks for taking the time to follow my blog.

Carrying on with the Tudor theme this tiny piece is a reproduction of a sewing box that would have been used by the ladies of that period for holding needles and threads for carrying out repairs to garments.


The box is constructed from genuine 16th Century English Oak , the square lock plate is genuine Ivory inlaid with brass and the inside is lined with 17th Century Vellum. Instead of filling the box with various sewing items i decided to put a small Bronze Tudor button which also dates from this period and is removable for viewing.

Unfortunate for the wearer who lost it, but fortunate for me as it makes this piece a unique tiny treasure.

The dimensions of this piece are 35mm Width x 35mm Height x 30mm Depth, the box was then given a natural bee's wax finish.
                                             Have a great and safe week everyone.   Tony.   

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Selling my work.

  Over the last few weeks I have received quite a few emails about if I have an online shop and the price of my work and if its for sale.
The short answer is yes everything I make is for sale, but at this moment in time I do not have an online shop.
   Working out prices for the pieces is a difficult process, each piece is handmade and in some cases for example the collectors cabinet  may contain valuable items so the price of that piece will reflect this. In other pieces the materials used are very difficult to obtain and make each piece unique in a sense that its almost impossible to replicate .
  If your interested in any of my pieces and wish to make me a serious offer then just drop me an email and i will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.
  As you may know  I have a passion for collecting unusual items including miniatures if you have something which you think i may be interested in and your willing to do a straight swap then just ask I'm always open and willing to listen to suggestions!!!
  My contact button is located in the right hand side colum of this blog.
Have a great week  Tony.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


As well as working on the Tudor house I've also been working on various other pieces over the last week or so. Since my hours have now been changed in my full time job completing projects at least for the time being is going to take a little longer than i expected.
Firstly id like to share with you a new piece that i completed today. Its a tiny box made from ancient English Oak that's based on a design from the 1500s, and would have graced the shelf of some large wunderkammer collection in 16th or 17th century Europe.


                                                                      Open up the box !

And inside lays a rare unicorns horn. Until the 19th century, belief in unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians, and theologians and many wunderkammer collections held so called pieces.

These sort after mementos were said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. The box itself measures around 90mm in length with the horn measuring around 75mm.This piece would make a beautiful addition to any wunderkammer or natural history collection in 1/12th scale and comes complete with a letter of how the horn was found and how it came to be presented in this box.
On another note the Tudor house im working on at the moment is now coming into the final phase of its build. The rear section which is removable so the inside can be viewed is now complete with the exception of the inside being decorated.

                                         Showing the completed chimney and brickwork.

I think a couple of nice chimney pots will look great added to this and finish the roof off nicely.
                                              Have a great weekend everyone.   Tony.