Thursday, 23 June 2011

Miniature Collectors Cabinet.

A thirteen draw collectors cabinet complete with small treasures, Made entirely from recycled materials the main construction being of English walnut and bone.

                              Dimensions of the cabinet are 100mm width 80mm height 40mm deep.
                                               The cabinet contains the following contents.

From top left :-
1. Early medieval bronze horse boss Cir 1450-1550
2. Decorative cast bronze strap mount in the form of a heraldic rose Circ 1500.
3. Post medieval ring with circular pattern.
4. Silver sixpence Elizabeth 1st Cir 1558-1603.
5. Silver threepence Elizabeth 1st Cir 1558-1603.
6. Silver groat Circ 1558-1603.
7. Edward III silver penny Circ 1327-1377.
8. Edward III silver penny Circ 1327-1377.
9. Edward I Silver penny Circ 1272-1377
10. Felipe III Spanish copper cob Circ 1603-1616.
11. Carlos II Spanish copper cob Circ 1680-1686.
12. Felipe III Spanish copper cob with counter mark dated 1622 and 1641.
13. 15th Century Cast bronze casket key,lozenge shaped handle and decorative flange, single notched ward with the shank terminating to a spike.

All the contents are genuine artefact's that have been collected over the years by myself.

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  1. Your work is exquisite! Such a lovely treasure collection, too!

  2. Many thanks for the kind compliments otterine.
    I find adding tiny treasures to some of my miniature works makes them a little more unique and a great way of owning a small piece of history :)

  3. Hi Tony this is so beautiful and full of such beautiful treasures. I love all human history but have a particular love of the Medieval and Tudor periods. I love your work so much, wish I could own them all. I look forward to your next project and hope to own a few more of your treasures soon

    Sal :)

  4. Many thanks Sal its always nice to know that people appreciate not only the pieces i make but the items i place inside some of them, it always makes me wonder how they lost that item and also who the last person was to touch it.