Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Miniature Strongbox.

For as as long as  i can remember I've always had an interest in medieval strongboxes and church chests/coffers, maybe the reason for this is that its rare outside a museum that we can get close and actually touch a piece of furniture that may date back to Saxon times, plus the chance of actually owning a piece of furniture like this is virtually impossible.
This is my very first attempt at making a piece like this and as such i wanted to try and create it without the use of any kind of power sounds easy but i can assure you it wasnt, the timber i used for this i got from a barn that was undergoing renovation and was part of a roof timber that was 400 years old. The timber was as hard as steel so cutting it into 5mm sheets was no easy feat.

 The box is held together using wooden dowels and then surrounded in steel braces for extra strength.
In total i used 101 handmade rivets to hold the steel bands in place.

The two objects inside the box are genuine early medieval mounts/studs that would have been attached to the decorative leatherwork of a horse that was either used in a jousting match or battle both still have parts of the origonal coloured enamel intact which is pretty amazing for something which dates to the mid 1400s.
Both of these items were found by myself close to where i live while out metal detecting.
Dimensions of the box are 70mm width x 45mm depth x 40mm height.
My first attempt at a miniature strongbox that contains a genuine tiny treasure.



  1. Superb, so unusual to see, I am a romantic when it comes to the past and love the idea of holding something so old, wood is such a tactile material, and the fact that his timber was touched by hands of proper craftsman both the past and present

  2. I couldn't agree more Sal its always nice to work with wood but when i get the opportunity to work with timber that has been worked with in the past it feels extra special! :)