Saturday, 18 June 2011

Putting ideas into practice.

Making miniatures has never really been something i had thought about doing up until last year when i was having a clear out in my garage and came across some old engineering boxes from the 1900s. These would have held  measuring equipment but were now long empty and were being thrown out by my then employer a couple of years ago and i thought they may come in handy for something one day so being the hoarder i am i gladly took them home. The patina on these boxes was a well used antique look which i immediately thought would look great made into something, but what? Over the next couple of weeks i sat pondering what i could make with these but couldn't quite put my finger on it so i put them to one side and thought when the time was right it would come straight to me.
A few weeks had passed and my family and i were on holiday in Norfolk on the east coast of England and just out of the blue one day i found myself staring at this french antique clock in a shop window and the idea hit me there and then.
Returning from our holiday i put pencil to paper and made some rough sketches of the idea that had been lingering around in my head and started gathering the bits and pieces i required to see it through, after a couple of weeks my first miniature piece of work was complete and i was hooked.


The piece i made is... shall we say not to every ones taste, but is based on the Paris catacombs a place that has always fascinated me,seeing that french clock just made something click.

The skull is carved from genuine bone and mounted to a plaque which resembles a date stone also from the catacombs. All of the inside was then covered in genuine 18th century vellum which came from a damaged document i acquired some time ago, the door is fitted with a piece of optical glass from a pair of broken Victorian spectacles. At the very top is mounted a hand carved rutile quartz skull.

The rest of this piece was made up from items taken from broken watches and clocks which gave an effect that i was very pleased with.This piece measures H100mm x W50mm the inside compartment is 40mm square.
Strange how an old broken box can lead to a passion for creating  miniature works of art. So with my first piece of work complete i was addicted, everything i seem to look at now in an artistic sense i also imagine in miniature too, and i continue as i did then to produce all of my work with either broken or discarded materials.


  1. Your work is just Awe Inspiring!

  2. This is breathtaking work! So mesmerizing!

  3. Thank you Daydreamer, otterine and iseecerulean.
    I do enjoy making piece like this and its great to know you find it appealing to.
    Many thanks again :)