Sunday, 3 July 2011

Medieval chest 1.

A chest,coffer or kist as they have become known are one of the oldest forms of furniture. They are typically a rectangular structure with four walls and a liftable lid and are usually used for storage which may have included fine cloths , weapons , food stuffs , and of course valuable items.
This is the first chest i have made using timber which i collected from the house in the photographs below.

Originally built in the 13th century by the de Schobenhales the only original part which still exists is the moat which runs around it.The house visible in the photograph was erected in the 15th century  and was given to the monks of Burton abbey as a retreat for blood letting, rest and recuperation.
It wasn't until i met my wife that it came to light my farther in law occupied the wing visible in this photo in the late 1940s.

The wood used to construct this piece is English oak and came from one of the roof timbers of the building on the far left in the 1970s when it was in serious disrepair and was being used as a shelter for farm animals ,this was part of an extension built in the 1600s.

The completed piece measure 100mm x 50mm x 50mm and is polished with natural beeswax .



  1. WOW! Impressive work! I am building a Medieval Dollhouse Castle.... and will be watching what you do very carefully! I have SO much to learn....! I LOVE your details .... and the metalwork!

  2. Many thanks Daydreamer,i imagine your going to fill your castle with some beautiful pieces! many thanks for following my blog. Tony