Sunday, 10 July 2011

Medieval Chest 2

Another compleated piece but this time in a differnt style.

Making the lock plates and latches on these is very time consuming and a difficult task, my search for miniature reproduction locks and latches already made is proving fruitless so for the time being i shall have to carry on making them myself. After studying various chests and coffers from this period i have also discovered that many are missing lock plates and latches so i may attempt a couple of pieces like this and see how they turn out.
Also this weekend i have been looking at using all of the off cuts which i have collected while producing this pieces and to what use i could put them to.

As i have a great interest in timber framed buildings i thought id have a go at producing a miniature version of one.

I have no idea how this is going to turn out! i wont be concentrating all my time into this piece just picking it up when i have nothing else on the go, so i shall post photos of its progress every now and then and it may change from what you see here.
Also ive cut up more material today to start making some new pieces, im not sure yet what ill be making but once i do so shall you.

Beautiful 17th century oak after cutting away all of the rot im quite happy at what ive ended up with, enough for at least 3 or 4 new pieces depending upon size.
Id also like to welcome my new followers unfortunatly at the moment none of my followers are visible to me im not sure if this is a problem with blogger or my browser but hopefully it will return back to normal soon. Have a great week!   Tony.


  1. what material did you use for the lock plates and latches? I myself i looking for these and think i could make them for my hobby

  2. Hi Natasha, both the lock plate and hinges are made from brass.