Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tudor Art Gallery

As you may know last week i started making what was then a Tudor style building out of scraps of wood which i had left over from other projects i have now decided this is going to be an art gallery.
these are the latest progress shots after what I've completed this week.

Ive managed to complete the first floor walls and the joists which will hold the upper level. Also the stair case and stone floor have been laid, and a few pieces of art work hung on the walls.

The dimensions at the moment are 65mm x 45mm by 35mm in height however this will change once I've added the upper level.
Once the house itself is completed it will be mounted to either a medieval style chest or a set of 1/12 scale draws, I've uploaded a photo of it placed on a recent piece of 1/12 scale furniture i made to give you some idea.

                           Hopefully throughout next week i shall get started on the next floor level.
                                                       Have a great week everyone. Tony


  1. Hi Tony, I've snagged one of your pics for an introductory/welcome post on my blog to show some of your work. If you would prefer I remove it, let me know. Cheers Christine

  2. No problem Christine your more than welcome to use my images, and thanks for the warm welcome.