Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tudor Gallery Update.

So ive spent the past week constructing the upper level and fitting it, i also managed to make the main front window although this wont have anything resembling glass in it due to the fact i cant find anything of a sutable thickness which i can cut without it breaking so im happy to leave it as is.

The next phase is for me to compleate the windows make and fit the floorboards and work on the rear section that contains a fire place and the chimney, i will be limited on time this coming week as i shall be taking my grandson on his first camping trip for a couple of days weather permiting!!

Id also like to say a warm welcome to all my new followers and thank them for taking an intrest in the things i make.
                                                    Have a great week everyone.  Tony.


  1. Have you looked into using sheets of mica for the window? I know it "flakes" in the natural state.... but I think I have heard another blogger discuss using sheets they obtained on-line somewhere. It might have been Glenda of Peppercorn Minis that used some. At any rate she has a wonderful collection of tiny mini Medieval objects she makes and sells. Your Gallery is looking wonderful... I like that it is real ANCIENT wood!

  2. Many thanks Daydreamer im glad you like my work! I've checked out Glendas blog and indeed she has some beautifully made miniatures and great ideas to!
    As for using Mica im going to have a play around with various materials and see which one i can work with best.
    Thanks again for the advice and tip ;)