Sunday, 21 August 2011

Selling my work.

  Over the last few weeks I have received quite a few emails about if I have an online shop and the price of my work and if its for sale.
The short answer is yes everything I make is for sale, but at this moment in time I do not have an online shop.
   Working out prices for the pieces is a difficult process, each piece is handmade and in some cases for example the collectors cabinet  may contain valuable items so the price of that piece will reflect this. In other pieces the materials used are very difficult to obtain and make each piece unique in a sense that its almost impossible to replicate .
  If your interested in any of my pieces and wish to make me a serious offer then just drop me an email and i will be happy to answer any of your enquiries.
  As you may know  I have a passion for collecting unusual items including miniatures if you have something which you think i may be interested in and your willing to do a straight swap then just ask I'm always open and willing to listen to suggestions!!!
  My contact button is located in the right hand side colum of this blog.
Have a great week  Tony.

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