Saturday, 6 August 2011

Tiles Or Thatch

First of all a warm welcome to all of my new followers ! It really is inspiring to see that so many people have decided to follow my blog, Many thanks to you all .

Ive managed to construct and fix in place the roof timbers over the last couple of days, it gets rather frustrating sometimes holding down a regular job when sometimes all you want to do is sit down and complete the next step of the build.

The next step is to decide if i should fix roof tiles or have a go at thatching, thatching is OK providing i can find a material that matches the scale and looks realistic, if this proves to difficult then tiles it shall be.

Also completed is the section of brickwork which surrounds the fireplace inside i will show more photos of this once the roof section is complete and the upper level chimney is in place.

One of the other things I'm undecided about is if i should colour the white panels with either a yellow or red Ochre wash as many timber framed buildings from this period would have had there white panels of wattle and daub coloured with this natural pigment. decisions,decisions!!

                                                 Have a great weekend everyone   Tony.


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