Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ivory Box.

Not quite completed yet but i thought i would post some photos anyway and maybe seek some opinions on what i could put inside it. The box is made from ivory which i cut into 1mm slices and then applied to an oak carcass.Dimensions are 45mm x 20mm x 20mm.

The lid is not attached with hinges, but is just a lift off lid.Once i have an idea of what i will place inside then i will complete the interior decoration to. This will be my last piece of work for a couple of weeks as next weekend I'm taking a short break to the coast but hopefully will return with fresh ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to start again.

I'm quite amazed how many followers i seem to be gathering, a warm welcome to all of my new ones and thank you for taking an interest in my work. I'm thinking that maybe my first giveaway is on the cards!! Stay tuned. Remember if you have any ideas as to what i can put inside the box drop me a line.
                                                  Have a great week everyone.           Tony.


  1. Marfil verdadero? Es una joya. Yo pondrĂ­a mapas antiguos un manuscrito quiza?
    Un abrazo

  2. My first thought was old family photos and treasures. Maybe an old blanket beneath, a ragged teddy bear??

  3. It make me think of Tarot Cards.
    As usual your work is STUNNING!

  4. I have been visiting your Inspiration Pictures.... now I' drooling... GORGEOUS buildings!
    Perhaps you can answer a question I have been trying to research.... on those wonderfully nail studded doors... do the nails go all the way through and are hammered on the other side too.... more like a rivet? Or are they only visible from one side? I have not been successful in figuring this out!
    Thanks for letting me bother you!
    Your work is VERY inspiring!

  5. Many thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone,
    Daydreamer i have seen various doors that have had the large nails/rivets inserted some are like rivets and go right the way through into the supports on the back of the doors while others i think are merely for decorative purposes, obviously the rivet type would have been hand forged and inserted while still glowing hot as to form the cap on the other side.
    Hope this makes sense!! its never a problem to bother me im more than willing to offer advice if im able :)
    Thanks again.

  6. It looks like a box for scepter to me. You could go either medieval and jeweled or something more sinister and magical with bones and totems on it.