Monday, 5 September 2011

Wonderous Wunderkammer.

Ive been exceptionally busy over the last week or so and have not really had much free time to concentrate on miniatures, my grandson stayed with us over the weekend, he looks forward to seeing what I'm working on and sometimes watching me make them.
Because i have not taken any photographs of the new piece I'm presently working on i thought id share a photograph of a piece i made quite a while back.

I called this piece ''Time waits for no one'' The time piece mounted in the top of the skull is french and still actually ticks if it is wound. Everything used to produce this piece of work with the exception of the skull came from watch and clock components. This piece of work will remain in my own collection. Dimensions are 55mm in height, and the glass dome is 25mm wide.
Over the last month or so Ive been asked a few times if i intend to build a dolls house of some sort, i have been making notes and drawing the odd sketch here and there when i get an idea but i have come to the conclusion that what i want is not really a full blown 1/12 scale house so I'm concentrating all my ideas now into just one room, a wunderkammer room.

Ive not decided yet if this will be built into a cabinet or if it will be something like a free standing box I'm still toying with ideas in my head.What i am sure of is that it will be quit large these rooms were like museums and it will  contain plenty of miniature wonders and oddities as well as fossils and miniature mineral specimens.
I will post progress and ideas on this from time to time,Alternatively if you have any ideas you would like to share then please feel free to leave a comment.

            A warm welcome to my new followers, many thanks for taking and interest in my works
                                              Have a great week everyone.      Tony.


  1. This is amazing! And what a wonderful idea for a Wunderkammer room... I do hope you'll include a taxidermy crocodile hanging from the ceiling!

  2. A spectacular sculpture! What awesome job!
    And hopefully soon you can show the steps in the construction of this scene that inspired you.

  3. Congratulations, you have an incredible talent!

  4. Another breathtaking item! Gorgeous work!

  5. Many thanks Bryony, Eliana, Genziana, Brae.