Monday, 3 October 2011

Back to reality

Back from a relaxing holiday and eager to get started on some new projects.While away i managed to do some metal detecting and came across some beautiful finds including a 14th Century Beehive thimble in perfect condition also medieval buttons and a few roman artefact's, i may be incorporating these into some new projects. Inspiration also came from an old church close to where we stayed below is a photograph of a tomb inside the church which was built in 1300.

This place was a little treasure and i was glad i took the time to explore not only inside but also the grounds where i came across various graves of soldiers shot by smugglers.

                             The pace of life in this village was almost as if time had stood still

Ive also taken delivery of some new timber which was originally part of a ship that was dismantled and used in the construction of a building I'm looking forward to making some new pieces with this.

A warm welcome to all of my new followers, again many thanks for taking an interest in what i make,have a great week everyone!                    

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