Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Holiday finds.

Thought id share a couple of photographs of my finds from last weeks holiday, first off my tiny beach finds.

As an idea of scale the tiny orange coloured crab is just 10mm, these are but a few of the tiny treasures i discovered and already have plans for.
Next is a shot of the cleaned up metal detecting finds i made, the tiny 14th Century  bee hive thimble( 4 ) i was extremely happy about finding as its the first one i have come across and its in pretty good condition.

No 1 is a roman stud fitting,  No 2 15th Century button , No 3 is a spent 50cal ammunition round this has a interesting story behind it which i will write about in a later post. No 4 14th Century bee hive thimble, No 5 old possibly 19th or late18th century naval button, and finally 6 and 7 are both Georgian trade weights. Some interesting little treasure hopefully of which i will be incorporating into miniature works .         
                                                                Have a great week  Tony.


  1. Great finds! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh those are beautiful, especially the thimble, what a wonderful find!

    looks and sounds like a lovely holiday, hope you are all rested

  3. Many thanks for your comment Drora, its always a pleasure to share.

  4. Thanks to Sal, The thimble was a marvellous find I've never found a complete one before! i can just manage to fit it on the tip of my little finger, it makes me wonder who the last person was to actually use it? It was a great break and i came back with some great new ideas!! Many thanks for your comment.