Sunday, 9 October 2011

Ladies Work Table.

 In recent weeks I've been asked if i would ever consider making other items of furniture for example tables chairs and cupboards but to name a few, the short answer is yes i do indeed intend to make other items but at present working with basic tools means that certain things like the legs on a chair take rather a long time to create.
After returning from my short break i decided that i would like to have a go at making a ladies work table, so with an idea in mind i started looking at various tables and shapes until i had the idea firmly stuck in my head what i wanted to do.

After deciding what the table would hold the shape was fixed as a octagonal and could not be changed.A little ambitious but its going to be fun! 
One thing that didn't appeal to me was that a lot of these tables like the one above were draped in different fabrics alas working in miniature with fabric is not something I've tried so i opted to use just timber with  an external decoration in bone.
I have just about managed to construct the top section but sadly have not managed to upload any photographs so will leave this until next weekend when hopefully the top section should be fully completed.
As always i have fully enjoyed constructing the piece especially with it being something new and also that i have never attempted to make before, any errors which i have made will be learnt from and noted so i don't make the same mistake again.
Check back next week for a full update including hopefully some photographs!

Id just like to say a  warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my work.
Have a great week everyone   Tony.

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  1. Ah that is an interesting development! I look forward to seeing how you get on!