Sunday, 30 October 2011

Livery Cupboard Update.

Things are moving along nicely with this piece and I'm just about ready for starting work on the door fronts and draws.

The whole exterior is made from English Oak dating to around 1630 and held together with wooden dowels these will be toned down once i wax the completed piece.

Ive decided on constructing four cupboards, three draws in the upper half which are all different in size and then one large draw in the centre, once made the cupboards will have decorative fretwork panels and be held in place with butterfly hinges. I'm also going to decorate the interior cupboards with hand painted patterns before fitting the cupboard fronts.The dimensions for this piece are:-
130mm Height x 115mm Width x 50mm Depth.
A very warm welcome to my new followers,many thanks for taking an interest in my works and following my journey in the miniature world.
Have a great week everyone     Tony.


  1. What a masterpiece.
    The cabinet is brilliant in structure.
    Putting it together with dowels is really well done.
    The wood gives a lived appearance.
    I am very curious about the fret-work panels / cupboard fronts.
    It looks really awesome

    Best regards, Alexandra

  2. I love it already! :D Stunning work.

  3. Many thanks Alexandra im happy you like it!Hopefully i should have the cupboard fronts completed this weekend.

    Thank you too Brae, i always value your opinions and comments.

    Many thanks for your comment too Iris :)

  4. tu trabajo es fantastico,felicidades