Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Timber.

Ive recently managed to get hold of some beautiful timbers from various buildings in the process of being restored or sadly being demolished, some of these timbers or so Ive being told were once part of a wooden hull ship, as some of you may know at the height of the industrial revolution the introduction of the first iron clad steam ships saw the demise of the large wooden hull ships and many were broken down  used in the construction of houses and farm buildings around the country but especially in coastal towns.

The photo above is a piece of English oak that once formed the lintel above a door way, this building had actually had render placed over all of the wooden features which obviously made them impossible to see until the property was bought and renovations had started to take place.
Over the next few weeks i will be using this timber to create some new pieces which will represent copies of furniture from that period.
The first piece which i have already started is based around a Livery cupboard which dates to around 1600 -1650 . Ive been studying different styles and designs of these types of furniture and have borrowed a few ideas and put them all together to create my own unique design. The image of the one below is by far my favourite but Ive decided to add some draws .

Ive not quite made my mind up yet if i should use timber fretwork panels for the doors or carved bone but I'm still in the early stages of this piece so Ive got a little time yet to decide, I'm also working on a small present for my wife for Christmas hopefully i will put some photos up of this in a few weeks, and finally i have a small project on the go which once complete will be used in my first giveaway so stay tuned for more details on that too. A warm welcome to my new followers, Many thanks for taking an interest in my works and following my blog.
Have a great week everyone!           Tony.


  1. Furniture for a ceremony or for a meal.
    Very important objects are placed in it.
    For example, poisoning and spoilage of wines and foods to avoid.
    I find them very beautiful.
    Renaissance models are imported to Holland in 16 and 1700.
    I am very curious about the progress.
    It seems like a difficult project

    Best regards, Alexandra

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog recently. You have my absolute admiration for the beautiful (tiny) things that you create. I can hardly believe that it is even possible to make these tiny treasures, not to mention the attention to detail and perfection that you display in your work. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing anything that you make.

  3. The timber looks amazing, I love the idea of upcycling things and its so perfect for minis. Looking forward to seeing your finished projects, I am sure they will be exquisite as always x

  4. Many thanks Alexandra! this project is a little more difficult than previous ones but its coming along quite well hopefully i will get some photographs up this weekend.

    Many thanks for your comment to Iris, its always a pleasure to share the pieces i make :)

    Thank you to Natalie, its always a pleasure to work with timber like this, knowing that it was once worked by craftsmen in another period of history adds a special kind of uniqueness to each piece i create.