Sunday, 16 October 2011

Table Update.

I made sure i put some time aside to take a couple of photos this week. As you can see from the photos i have decided instead of making four legs to just make one instead, after looking at various different designs online most of the ones i viewed seemed to all follow this trend so i decided i would to.

Its not quite finished yet as i still have some decoration to add to the lower half, but the basic shape is complete. Dimensions are 75mm height x 50mm width.

There's also a little more work to do on the inside once this is done i shall take some more photos showing the inside and the contents which is in my view a remarkable little treasure.
The wood i used to make this piece was once a box used for holding engineering instruments which dated to around 1900 it was tosed away so i decided i would take it home and put it to some use i think you would agree it looks better like this than burnt on a bonfire.
Stay tuned for the compleated piece next week and the contents!
As always a very warm welcome to my new followers, and a big thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i make.
                                                 Have a great week everyone.  Tony.


  1. Another little masterpiece. You must always be on the lookout for bits that can be recycled in this way. You have an excellent eye.