Sunday, 6 November 2011

Doors Fitted.

The Cupboard is moving along nicely and this week i have managed to build and attach the bottom pair of cupboard doors ive also given it 3 coats of bee's wax. I have to say this piece is becoming a favourite of mine it has a wonderful feel and weight about it and the wood still retains its old smell.

The interior has been painted in a yellow ochre coloured paint, the next step is for me to decide if i should fit handles onto the cupboards doors or not as in the photo in the previous post where only latches have been used? Hmm im thinking that if i decide not to fit handles onto the doors that the draws are going to look a little odd with handles fitted to them.The other problem is that with this being a miniature if i don't fit handles or knobs to the doors then its going to be rather difficult to open them. Ideas or comments on this are appreciated!!
I'm also still working on a special piece as a giveaway gift hopefully pics will be posted soon so stay tuned for a chance to win a rather special little treasure!
Have a great week everyone.


  1. The doors look really great. Magnefieque!
    I think it's nice that I can think with you, about the door knobs / handles.
    Maybe it's an idea to make a keyhole and a key.
    Maybe it's too complicated? (For me)
    I see it all in frond of me, a very nice little old key that gives access to something mysterious.
    Whatever it is, it will definitely be very nice.

    Regards, Alexandra.

  2. Oh, it looks wonderful. Not knowing anything about livery cupboards, I looked at pictures that I found through google. As the doors are functioning and you CAN open them, It would probably be best to make it easy to do so. The pictures that I found showed handles that rather blended in with the piece than stand out. Whatever you decide to do, I am sure it will turn out wonderful.

    What is the very detailed center of the doors made of. Did you carve this out of wood or is it a metal insert?

  3. its another amazing piece, it makes me smile just to see it. i just adore your passion and attention to detail.

    as for the doors, how about small leather straps to open the doors with

  4. Many thanks Audra.

    Many thanks for your comment to Alexandra, i think its great that i can share the options with the pieces i create and get the views and opinins of my followers :)

    Iris i agree, most of the handles and knobs do tend to blend in with the furniture itself and that is the option i have gone for, the centre panels on the cupboard doors are carved wood.

    Thank you to Sal :)