Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sewing Accessories.

So today i dosed myself up with flu tablets and sat in front of the fire all day carving what you see in the photo out of 2mm cocktail sticks, I've left them still attached to the stick itself to give you an idea of scale. The piece at the far right once detached from the stick itself will become a thimble, some of the others i have also added thread to so i could get the overall effect of what they would look like.

These have all had a coat of wax to enhance the wood and protect. Just a few more items to complete now before hopefully i feel up to standing outside and making the draw.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in the pieces i create.
Hopefully i shall have one last post this.         Tony.


  1. Oh Wow Tony, it sure is coming along nicely!!!!
    This is going to be another stunning piece when it is done!!!!

    Hope you are better soon!!!!

  2. Tony, Take care of yourself! Terrible way to welcome a New Year......sick.....keep warm.
    You are yet again making something that is museum quality. I love all of these little sewing tools and the box your are making is exquisite!! It will be such a treasure when it is finished!

  3. Oh my goodness!! how do you carve something THAT small!! Amazing!

  4. My jaw dropped when I saw them...
    Take care of yourselves, best wishes, Rosanna

  5. Hi Tony !
    I have been browsing your entire blog and one's can say that your work is just fantastic !
    All the details you add to your work are true and you can't see the scale, which is, I assume, the best compliment we can get as miniatures maker.
    Keep going showing us your marvelous treasures !
    And take care ;-)

  6. It is really very very nice what you make.
    All so small and detailed.
    I find it marvelous.
    I went to an exhibition in the Hague, "XXSmall"
    It offers a model world of the past and shows the history of the o.a. domestic Dutch interior via a sequence of doll's houses stretching from the grand examples of the 17th century right through to their modern design equivalents of today.
    you work can be between the compilation of miniatures and can be from ladies of the 16th and 17th century, de miniaturists from that time ,they used also a lot of ivory, gold and different types of wood.

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  7. Many thanks Elga, Patty, Crafter,s Delights and Rosanna a regular afternoon nap seems to be helping!!

    Marie-Laurie, I'm glad you find my Blog interesting, Each piece i make i try to be as realistic as possible i think one never stops learning as an artist but hopefully each piece becomes a little more realistic, its always a pleasure to share my work.Many thanks for stopping by :)

    Alexandra your photos of XXSmall are great i would have loved to have strolled around browsing at such treasures many thanks for sharing these images :)

  8. Carving out of cocktail sticks !! goodness what good eyes you have! In my youth I could imagine doing this but today I would not need glasses but a long lense telescope !!!! bravo!