Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sewing Box Accessories.

These are some of the accessories that will be part of the sewing box once complete. Ive tried where possible to use as much of the ivory offcuts as possible to construct these pieces.

To give an idea of scale the pin cushion in the centre is 5mm in width, the needle holder which is stood up was a challenge as i decided i wanted the top to be removable which i eventually achieved after several attempts of the ivory splitting. Theres also on the far left a clamp and the implement at the front I'm not sure what this would have been used for as i copied this from a full size sewing box.
Its been a challenge to make some of these pieces but I'm sure once the box is complete it will all be worth it.
Have a wonderful week everyone.            Tony.


  1. It is looking really great Tony!!!! I saw your answer to Josje's question yesterday in cutting ivory, now I have some too :-)

    Is the ivory already that thin when you cut it into pieces or how do you slice them and do you use files etc for shaping them?????

    I am also busy with sewing tables so this is making me think of accessories for mine.


  2. The impliment is question as an awl. It was used to poke holes in fabric for whitework and other kinds of stitchery in need of eyelets. I am a collector of old sewing impliments and I love the box that you are doing. Excellent work!

  3. wow! I don't know how you can carve something to this scale! You're amazing!

  4. Your work is amazing,it's always a pleasure to look at it!!! Jeannette

  5. I was so curious to see how all these little pieces would turn out. (Honestly, I thought that it wasn't possible. Shame on me!!) It looks fantastic, and it must give you great satisfaction when another little piece is done.

  6. Thank you Elga, to answer your questions, most of the pieces i get are quite thin but uneven a piano key is usually made up of three sections but this can vary, the top side the area your fingers come into contact with is usually good but the underside is not having been attached to wood. Most ivory piano keys are not solid ivory but as i said thin layers.
    Files and burrs are both excellent for shaping but again the dust created by this is very dangerous.The thinner you cut this material the more likely it is to warp and once it does its impossible to straighten again for me anything less than 1.5mm is impossible , if i could offer any advice it would be to practice with antler first its cheaper and slightly harder than ivory but it gives you the general feel for the material. Hope this helps :)

    Many thanks Caseymini i must say there are some weird and wonderful objects associated with sewing from years ago and they all fascinate me! Many thanks for the information :)

    Thank you again Crafter's Delights im quite new to making pieces like this in fact miniatures in general i don't always create something on the first attempt, Lol but its fun and the most important thing i guess is to learn from any mistakes you make so hopefully next time you enjoy it even more :)

    Many thanks to Garden of Miniatures your work also is a great pleasure to look at! :)

    Iris i was also curious to how they would turn out i didn't think it was impossible but more like would it be possible if i could achieve the result that i would be happy with and up to now fingers crossed i have, either way its been great fun doing them.

  7. Thanks Tony, Antler, I don't think I will find that easy in South Africa, lots of other horn though, I will have to search a bit to see what is out there. Thanks for the safety warning, I found this website with antique sewing accessories after I read Casey's comment, lots of interesting stuff.

  8. So incredibly lovely.
    I cannot imagine how fiddly was working on them.
    Truly amazing, the box will be a masterpiece
    Best wishes,Rosanna

  9. Is it also a bad weather where you are?
    Hail and sleet slaps against the Windows of our kitchen.Brrrrr!
    I had seen that you already had made some components of the sewing box, I have not had the chance and the rest to read it.
    I do Now.
    I have read your previous post and it looks so good, wow!
    The keyhole is really very handsome created.
    It is a super detail on the sewing box.
    The gold leaf not to mention, that will be precious.

    You are working so small and I find particularly handsome.

    I look forward to the following developments and I wish you a pleasant week in run-up to Christmas.


  10. very very nice work

    from Tyla @

  11. Lovely work!

    The unidentified object at the front is a stiletto. I it used to poke between the weave of fabric threads to create an eyelet hole. (By not cutting the threads for the opening the hole is stronger) They were usually made as a set with a bodkin for pulling ribbons or lacing through the hole made by the stiletto.

  12. Preciosas piezas, un gusto exquisito.
    Feliz Navidad.
    Mil besos...Julia

  13. Many thanks Rosanna :)

    Alexandra its been cold foggy and occasional snow showers here the our log fire has been burning solid for 3 days now, many thanks for your comment, im glad you like the details of the box :)

    Many thanks for your comment to Tyla.

    Thanks you to Karin, its always nice to know what the name of a tool is and what it was used for :)

    Many thanks Julia and Eloisa :)