Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sewing Box.

Ive managed to make a start on the sewing box i wrote about in my previous post, i started off by making the carcass from walnut then i spent a whole afternoon cutting the ivory to the required thickness some of which split once i started cutting but hopefully i will be able to use these pieces for making the tools which will fit inside.

The lock plate is  meant to resemble a face, the mouth being where the key will be inserted, the timber that is visible in the photograph will eventually all be covered in gold leaf . The centre section is where a rare little object will sit and the two end sections will both have ivory lids fitted one side for silk thread the other for sewing implements. The bottom draw will also contain a variety of sewing tools and implements hopefully made from ivory and will be lined with either silk or some other material once complete.Still a long way to go yet but I'm happy how things are moving along.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks to my regular followers who continue to support my blog and leave comments on my posts it is greatly appreciated.
Have a wonderful week everyone and take care.         Tony.


  1. It's looking very nice Tony. I love the little face lockplate.
    How do you cut ivory?

  2. It's coming along quickly, and it looks perfect!

  3. It's beautiful and great craftsmanship. I'm curious to how big it is..

  4. Thank you Josje, you can cut ivory or bone with a handsaw/hacksaw i use a band saw,but what i have learned is that heat build up when cutting can destroy the material so its always best to use some type of coolant especially if you have spent considerable money on the material,also the dust generated when cutting is lethal so always wear a mask even if you have dust extraction.

    Many thanks to Iris :)

    Thank you to Crafter's Delights,sorry for not putting the dimensions down they are 2'' Width x 1'' Depth x 1'' Height :)

  5. Hi Tony,
    I often drop in on your blog but rarely post...mainly because I'm gobsmacked and don't know what to say except wow! It seems a poor adjective to use considering your work.

    Do you buy reclaimed piano keys for your ivory?

  6. Es una caja de costura preciosa!!!
    Un abrazo

  7. I cannot wait to see what is coming next
    Best wishes, Rosanna

  8. Many thanks for your comments Rosamargarita and rosanna :)

    Thank you to Pepper thats a wonderful comment considering that you make some fine miniatures yourself, i to sometimes struggle to put my thoughts into words! so long as you enjoy visiting then thats really all that matters :)
    I'm lucky that i have a friend who restores not only old pianos but also guitars so he usually keeps me well stocked up on such materials.

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