Sunday, 29 January 2012

Update on sewing box.

Firstly many thanks for all of your kind comments and ideas on my previous post, i really do appreciate them.
Yesterday i started experimenting with some small ivory pieces i had left over. first of all i replicated the stain which had occurred on the sewing box and worked from that. After Karins comment on staining ivory i tried some various stains none of which i was really happy with. Next i tried applying a black stain over the top of the original stain and sanded it back which gave a kind of marble effect, this said i felt a little apprehensive doing this all over the sewing box but in the end i decided it was the only solution which i felt happy with. I have also incorporated some permanently stained black areas and started etching patterns into them similar to the photograph below but not quite as decorative.

If this had been my original idea from the start then i would have spent more time on the decoration but being as this is my first attempt I'm keeping it quite straightforward and simple as some of the black bands i have started to incorporate with it compliment the design.
Hopefully by next week i should have enough completed to post some images of how its progressed.
Thanks again for the help full tip karin and to everyone else who left a comment.
Have a great week               Tony.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Disaster strikes!

I guess sometimes we all have minor setbacks when making miniatures, well yesterday i had quite a large one. While putting the finishing touches to the ivory sewing box i stepped inside the house for a coffee what i had neglected to do was close  my workshop door!! Something i wont do again. On my return i discovered that the wind had blown the door shut with such force that it had knocked some items off one of the shelf's onto my work area it couldn't have been a worse scenario, the ivory sewing box was covered in permanent wood stain and sadly it has penetrated the surface layer i haven't touched it for obvious reasons, trying to wipe it off would only have spread it to a wider area, i guess i was disappointed at the time as i think anyone would have been what i need to do now is access if i can salvage the piece or if its not worth carrying on with!
Removing this type of stain will be impossible because the ivory is so thin applying anything that's damp or wet will result in it bowing and coming away from the wood carcass. So i have to sit down and make some difficult decisions on what i should do, please excuse me for not posting photographs of the damage but it does not get any easier looking at it and ideally i need to move on from this setback as quickly as possible. If i do decide to carry on with this piece it is going to change quite drastically in the decoration of the outer i will keep everyone informed of my intentions and also the progress of the work should i decide to carry on.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone            Tony.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Almost Complete.

The Ivory sewing box is one step closer to completion, this week has been very busy but I've managed to construct and fit the lid so now its just a matter of adding the finishing touches.

Its been a fun piece to work with and as with most things i make I've had ups and downs while working on it but managed to overcome them and learn from my errors.The small pull down door constructed in the lid contains another pair of scissors a tiny thimble and a button hook and is also lined with black velvet which is carried on throughout the whole piece.

Something I've noticed as work has progressed is the weight of the box, for such a small item it has a nice and hefty feel to it and the contents really just finish it off. It has been a great pleasure to share the progress of this piece of work and im always grateful for your comments and views.
A warm welcome to my new followers and everyone who takes the time to view my pages i hope you find my work of interest.
Have a wonderful week everyone                   Tony. 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sewing Box Progress.

Progress has been slow again this week due to cold weather, working outside in my garage is impossible due to the fact after 10 minutes or so i cant even feel my fingers, this coupled with the fact that the last two days I've been laid up with a migraine and today is really the first day I'm kind of feeling normal again.I have managed to construct the lid but fixing the ivory in place is not completed just yet apologies for not posting any photos!
I have managed to update some of my blog pages and added a new one too  JEWELLERY  so if you fancy a read then please take a look.Hopefully this week will be a little more productive and the migraine will not return.
Have a wonderful week everyone.                Tony.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Treasures from the past.

Last week was really busy for me at work and this weekend I've spent some time with my grandson so work on the sewing box has been very minimal.
What i have done is taken a photograph of the small treasure that will sit in the main compartment of the box and also a shot of it in its place.

The thimble was a metal detecting find by myself last year and is dated to around the
14th - 15th Century it is all complete with no damage at all and was cast in bronze.
This particular thimble was almost certainly made for a woman as the size is quite small
( it just about fits on the tip of my little finger ) and the design became known as a beehive thimble obviously because of the shape. It truly is an amazing little treasure and each time i hold it i often ponder who the last person was to use it and what the item was they were working on that required them to have this little wonder on one of there fingers. The thimble has been cleaned and protected but still retains some small amounts of soil in the indents.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for finding my journal interesting enough to follow.
Have a wonderful week everyone.                   Tony.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Coming Together.

Ive managed to get a good few hours in on this piece over the last couple of days and i thought id share my progress.

The main draw is just about complete now, The black velvet has been fitted and everything thats going into the draw now has its permanent place.There's still a few items i need to make but these will hopefully be fitted into the lid section of the box once completed. The only two items which i have not made for this set are the buttons and the scissors these were a little beyond my means for the tools which i use so i acquired these from The Dolls House Mall.
Its been fun constructing this piece and im happy it will be my first work of 2012 its also given me some great ideas for future projects including a ladies and gents vanity set i have so many ideas going around in my head at the moment its quite difficult knowing what to start on next either way im sure this year will be just as good if not better than last year.
                                   Have a wonderful week everyone          Tony.