Saturday, 28 January 2012

Disaster strikes!

I guess sometimes we all have minor setbacks when making miniatures, well yesterday i had quite a large one. While putting the finishing touches to the ivory sewing box i stepped inside the house for a coffee what i had neglected to do was close  my workshop door!! Something i wont do again. On my return i discovered that the wind had blown the door shut with such force that it had knocked some items off one of the shelf's onto my work area it couldn't have been a worse scenario, the ivory sewing box was covered in permanent wood stain and sadly it has penetrated the surface layer i haven't touched it for obvious reasons, trying to wipe it off would only have spread it to a wider area, i guess i was disappointed at the time as i think anyone would have been what i need to do now is access if i can salvage the piece or if its not worth carrying on with!
Removing this type of stain will be impossible because the ivory is so thin applying anything that's damp or wet will result in it bowing and coming away from the wood carcass. So i have to sit down and make some difficult decisions on what i should do, please excuse me for not posting photographs of the damage but it does not get any easier looking at it and ideally i need to move on from this setback as quickly as possible. If i do decide to carry on with this piece it is going to change quite drastically in the decoration of the outer i will keep everyone informed of my intentions and also the progress of the work should i decide to carry on.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone            Tony.


  1. while it is not your design intention...

    Ivory was often deliberately stained for various effects so perhaps it can become a shift in decorative finish.

    1. I agree with Karin on this... Look at it from a different perspective.

  2. Oh Tony, how horrible, I really hope you can salvage the piece. I hope Karin's info will help you, I didn't know they stained ivory.

  3. I feel your frustration Tony. How sickeningly disappointed you must be. Probably the best thing to do is walk away for a while then go back. It might just inspire another idea/solution.

    I hope you manage to salvage something from it as you've put in a lot of work so far.

  4. Oh Tony, what a big disaster!!Like Irene said: I feel you are disappointed and frustrated about it, I can imagine. I hope you manage to salvage something from it, but the beautiful color of ivory has definately(?) disappeared, I guess? I just loved that virginal/female color.....!
    I wish you strength,

  5. Oh, How Sad! Although if it is a Historical item with a History... a PAST... then there is maybe a Story behind the damage that could explain the ruined surface.... a Box too beloved to discard even though damaged.... that or, as Karen suggests... stained could become fake turtle shell...
    At any rate.... please don't abandon it completely!
    So sorry, Tony, that this had to happen!

  6. Tony, siento que hayas tenido ese contratiempo.
    Ánimo! es una pieza preciosa y con o sin manchas será encantadora.
    Un abrazo

  7. Oh, I so hate stories like this...and I am sure as artists we all have them. Do not give up! :D

  8. Tony, A disaster for sure after all of your hard work on this lovely piece. Maybe it will be salvaged! Or maybe someone(like me) will buy it from you anyway!!!! Your work is so exquisite......what's a little stain?
    I hope your weekend goes better for you!

  9. Many thanks everyone for the kind words of support.
    Karin i have indeed taken your advice and experimented on some small pieces of ivory i have left and i seem to have come up with an idea that works. Thank you for your advice.

  10. Tony, the next day is a better day. Go on.
    Hugs from Craftland