Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sewing Box Progress.

Progress has been slow again this week due to cold weather, working outside in my garage is impossible due to the fact after 10 minutes or so i cant even feel my fingers, this coupled with the fact that the last two days I've been laid up with a migraine and today is really the first day I'm kind of feeling normal again.I have managed to construct the lid but fixing the ivory in place is not completed just yet apologies for not posting any photos!
I have managed to update some of my blog pages and added a new one too  JEWELLERY  so if you fancy a read then please take a look.Hopefully this week will be a little more productive and the migraine will not return.
Have a wonderful week everyone.                Tony.


  1. Aliviate de esa migraƱa
    Un abrazo

  2. Many thanks Rosamargarita and Irene, im feeling fine now :)

  3. Espero que ya estes bien de la migraƱa,porque es muy molesta esa caja de marfil es realmente bella.