Sunday, 8 January 2012

Treasures from the past.

Last week was really busy for me at work and this weekend I've spent some time with my grandson so work on the sewing box has been very minimal.
What i have done is taken a photograph of the small treasure that will sit in the main compartment of the box and also a shot of it in its place.

The thimble was a metal detecting find by myself last year and is dated to around the
14th - 15th Century it is all complete with no damage at all and was cast in bronze.
This particular thimble was almost certainly made for a woman as the size is quite small
( it just about fits on the tip of my little finger ) and the design became known as a beehive thimble obviously because of the shape. It truly is an amazing little treasure and each time i hold it i often ponder who the last person was to use it and what the item was they were working on that required them to have this little wonder on one of there fingers. The thimble has been cleaned and protected but still retains some small amounts of soil in the indents.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for finding my journal interesting enough to follow.
Have a wonderful week everyone.                   Tony.


  1. Wow it is splendid, I am silent.
    All the details.
    So small and so tar and so clear.
    It is a masterpiece.
    Bizarre that you can make this!!


  2. Hi Tony, It's really coming together now, there's so much detail and so many things to look at. I thought the box alone was a treasure, but all the accessories really give it the 'wow' factor. the thimble is just fantastic

  3. How wonderful it is to be able to put together something which you found (and which is a treasure) and something which you made (which is a treasure, as well)!

    I just came across something neat on the internet. I thought that it might be interesting for you to look at. There is a tiny box made out of a hazelnut shell which contains a knife! I have absolutely nothing to do with the company that sells it, but just found their website mentioned in a magazine.

    If you're curious, it can be found at, click on "Accessories" and it should come up.

  4. this is amazing! thanks for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Thanks Sal making the box has been fun but adding those tiny extras just make it feel complete!

    Many thanks to Alexandra.

    Iris Many thanks for your comment, Ive seen tiny nuts carved like the one in the link you sent me before they are little gems and the contents of some are simply mesmerizing thanks for sending the info.

    Many thanks to peggyapISEEDS for stopping by :)

  6. I am still going through your wonderful blog and go from amazement to amazement ! I would love to see more of how you make these accessories ! It seems impossible but I suppose that in this miniature world that word is soon forgotten, it's a huge learning curve and I am at the very lower end of that curve! Thank you for all these beautiful photos.