Sunday, 29 January 2012

Update on sewing box.

Firstly many thanks for all of your kind comments and ideas on my previous post, i really do appreciate them.
Yesterday i started experimenting with some small ivory pieces i had left over. first of all i replicated the stain which had occurred on the sewing box and worked from that. After Karins comment on staining ivory i tried some various stains none of which i was really happy with. Next i tried applying a black stain over the top of the original stain and sanded it back which gave a kind of marble effect, this said i felt a little apprehensive doing this all over the sewing box but in the end i decided it was the only solution which i felt happy with. I have also incorporated some permanently stained black areas and started etching patterns into them similar to the photograph below but not quite as decorative.

If this had been my original idea from the start then i would have spent more time on the decoration but being as this is my first attempt I'm keeping it quite straightforward and simple as some of the black bands i have started to incorporate with it compliment the design.
Hopefully by next week i should have enough completed to post some images of how its progressed.
Thanks again for the help full tip karin and to everyone else who left a comment.
Have a great week               Tony.


  1. I read only today of what happened to the sewing box: my breathing stopped for a while, no kidding.
    It is such a marvellous piece that I cannot even imagine about throwing it away and I am confident that you'll find a way to repair to he disaster.
    I already read that you have come to a decision. I'll look forward to see the going ons. Good afternoon, Rosanna

  2. Ah, that's good, looking forward to the results!!!!

  3. I am glad you are able to salvage your piece

  4. Tony, this is great to read: a kind of solution for the stain-problem! Wish you luck with these beautiful etching patterns. I'm looking forward for the next pictures!!
    Have a nice evening,

  5. Hi Tony, I missed the disaster! oh my, you must have been horrified. So glad you have come up with a solution you are happy with, can'y wait to see the 'new' piece.