Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bible Box First Stages.

As I'm waiting for new saw blades i have not started work on the box itself, what i have managed to do is start working on the contents, i have been asked to make an extra bible box and possibly a third one, these will all vary as i do not reproduce any of the works i make but only one will contain the bible i mentioned in my previous post as locating miniature bibles from 1890 - 1900 is not an easy or cheap task. The main box I'm working on will also contain a hand carved Ivory Crucifix and a small Ivory drinking vessel this Bible box will be based on a medieval design.

A close up of the bible and the Ivory crucifix and drinking vessel the crucifix also has a tiny sapphire mounted in the centre.

The Crucifix measures 1'' and together with the drinking vessel will sit alongside the bible once the box has been constructed. While carving the crucifix this has also given me some new ideas for making a miniature icon but this will be a future project.
A warm welcome to all of my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my journal and the pieces i create.
Have a great and safe week everyone.


  1. Another great project, ony. Question: the drinkingvessel what is it used for? (I hope you understand what I'm asking) Have a great week too,

  2. they are very beautiful, this will be another memorable piece

  3. Thanks Iiona, the drinking vessel would have been used for drinking wine i presume, some of these boxes also contained candles and in some cases a secret draw.

    Thank you to Sal, i think all three are going to be interesting to make and see the difference in design once complete