Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Projects.

Ive spent much of today sat comfortably in front of  a log fire while several inches of snow stop me from working outside in my workshop, i have to say its been rather nice taking the odd doggy nap too!!
Ive been quite taken back by how much interest my last project generated once it went on my for sale page 5 enquiries in around 2 hours, i only wish i could have made 5 for the people who were interested in purchasing the piece.
Something i still find hard to accept is that people actually want the pieces i make its strange that a part of me never really considers them good enough to sell and that i could have always made the piece better than it really was. Ive learned a lot since venturing into the world of miniatures back in 2010 and I'm sure that i will continue to do so, i guess that's one of the things that spurns me on and why i enjoy the challenge of making them so much and sharing them with my family i cant thank my wife enough for her valued and honest opinions and of course all of you who follow this journal.
Over the next couple of weeks i will be cutting up new timber weather permitting and making some sketches for my next project. The bible box, these boxes were very popular in Europe in the 17th century and were made in many styles from quite plain to very decorative.

The piece I'm hoping to start construction on will be made using English Oak which i acquired some time back and is dated accurately to around 1600.
Ive not firmly decided on any type of decoration or shape as of yet or if i should attach small feet to the bottom of it I'm quite confident that this will come naturally as the work progresses.
Inside the box will sit a miniature bible published around 1890 - 1900 I'm not sure if this was meant for a child or adult? but it is a beautiful and complete undamaged book and in my view will finish the box off perfectly.
While I'm still here id like to welcome my new followers I'm happy you find my work interesting enough to follow.
Have a great and safe week everyone           Tony.  


  1. Succes for this next work, Tony. I enjoy following your posts on the blog. Every work of you is a treasure!
    Have a safe and great week too,

  2. Tony, I'm looking forward to your new project! xoxo, Amy

  3. I am sure that it will be as beautiful as your previous works. I'll stay tuned, Rosanna

  4. Ahhh, Tony, you are too humble! When I saw how much, or how little rather, you were asking for the sewing box, I was stunned. I would not have been able to part with it at this price, had I poured my heart into it the way you did.

    I am looking forward seeing the construction of the bible box. Where did you get the miniature bible? That seems to be a very unique find.

  5. I am very curious about your new design.
    Of course I'm going to follow the progress ...

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  6. what a fab idea, I will look forward to this one with added interest

    regards Sally

  7. Just discovered your blog and am looking forward to seeing your projects develop.