Friday, 2 March 2012

Bible Box 2 Complete.

                            The second bible box that i have been working on is now complete.

The secret draw which i mentioned in my previous post is opened via a tiny push button on the back of the box, once pressed this releases the draw inside. The button is visible in the lower left hand bottom corner.

The box contains a antique miniature bible bound in black leather that dates to around 1890 - 1900, also a hand carved ivory crucifix and an ivory drinking vessel.

Ive enjoyed creating both of these pieces of work,based on the same concept but varying differently in design and decoration, which in some cases poses a challenge for the 3rd one i have to construct as this will need to be completely different from these two designs.

I have a couple of ideas for the third box but nothing solid so I'm just going to see how things progress.
A warm welcome to my new followers,many thanks for taking and interest in the pieces i create and following my journal.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.            Tony.


  1. Your work is just absolutely beautiful. I am amazed by the detail.

  2. I second what Heather said. You're amazing Tony! xoxo, Amy

  3. Fantastic work, Tony. I like this one too, I'm curious about the third one.
    Have a great weekend. Kind regards, Ilona

  4. Wow! What a fantastic work!

  5. The Bible boxes are wonderful Tony!!!! I am sure you will come up with an equally lovely design for box number 3.

  6. The bible boxes are really amazing ,can't say which one I love more. Every piece has something special! Looking forward to see the third one.Jeannette

  7. I agree with Garden of Miniatures, theres always so much detail to look at. I love all the little details from the carving in the wood to the hinges and locking plates, fantastic work once again

  8. this is absolutely marvelous! i always enjoy visiting your blog and admiring your amazing creations!