Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bible Box 3 Complete.

This is the final piece in a series of 3 commissions that i was asked to make, Its been enjoyable making these as each one varies in design from the next its also the first time i have incorporated secret draws and compartments into pieces I've made.

The lid was made using walnut and i incorporated a piece of olive wood from an old church collection box that was given to me, this has been surrounded by an ivory, boxwood and ebony inlay.

My inspiration for this piece of work is taken from the renaissance period where a box like this would have most likely originated from Italy or France, one of my favourite periods in history.

Upon opening the box the lid underside is decorated with a ivory inlay panel and has a solid copper crucifix which is also decorated in a design from the same period. To the right side is a small area that is covered in antique kid leather.

This shows where the secret compartment is located, again this is operated by pressing a small button from the inside which releases the compartment, an ideal size for holding letters perhaps or valuables.

And finally all three pieces together possibly for the last time. I hope you have enjoyed the process of watching me create these pieces its been a pleasure to share them with you all and read your comments for which i am always grateful.
Have a great weekend everyone         Tony.


  1. Wonderful work Tony, they are all 3 unique, I think the last one is my favorite!!!!

  2. Just beautiful work Tony. You are an inspiration =0)

  3. Another wonderful box Tony! This one is my favourite of the three. I love the bit of olivewood you have used in the lid!

  4. All bibleboxes are unique and wonderful, Tony. I enjoyed watching this project. I'm looking froward to the next project.
    Have a nice week too, Ilona

  5. Tony needless to say that they are wonderful, I cannot chose a favourite. Rosanna

  6. This new one is stunning, love the little angels on the front an the tiny crucifix attached to the underside of the lid, beautiful work!

  7. Every box is wonderful,but this is one is my favorite- Chapeau!!! Jeannette

    1. Tony, They came out incredible! Your customer must be so thrilled. Your blog name is so appropriate. You do make Miniature Treasures! Museum quality. I love everything that you have made.

  8. Wow... Is a incredible work! Fantastic!1 Congratulations,,,A big hug

  9. Fantastico trabajo, son unas verdaderas joyas.
    besitos ascension

  10. wow, i love it. I love the details and your workmanship...