Sunday, 18 March 2012

A quite weekend.

This weekend has been rather quite on the miniature scene, firstly i got a call yesterday morning off my wife saying the car had broken down, OK no big deal! problem was the car was on a country lane that is barley big enough to fit two vehicles side by side and is regularly used by farm vehicles.To cut a long story short i ended up pushing the vehicle maybe a quarter of a mile until i reached somewhere i could look at it properly, eventually after around two hours i found the problem and by the time we got home i was lets say not in the mood to tackle anything else.
Today i decided to clean up my workshop which incidentally i don't do regularly and sort out my timber stock, I'm getting increasingly anxious to design and build a property but i cant make my mind up as to what scale i should build it in. The reason, well i really want to use the English Oak which i acquire from various sources and is usually quite old but if i build in 1/12th scale i imagine it will rapidly decrease and i don't want to stop making the other things i make just to complete a building, so.. i thought about building in 1/24th scale yes i would still use a considerable amount but no where near as much as if i did it in 1/12th. How popular is 1/24th scale? do any of my followers have this scale? if so then let me know your opinions, i would be most grateful.
I'm sure you have all experienced that feeling where your itching to start on a project, well that's how I'm feeling at the moment and i instinctively know that when i get a feeling like this its a good sign.

     If i do decide to go ahead with a property build as my first project i would like to recreate a cobblers shop. My farther was a cobbler before entering service in WWII and specialised in making infants and ladies shoes so this seems fitting as a first build attempt.I don't want to stop creating other pieces of work though, i have one commission which is definite and maybe another in the pipeline in 1/6th scale, but i have also acquired a fresh stock of ivory so i have other works in the pipeline for this too.
I guess there's one thing you can say about creating miniatures and that is there's always a challenge around the corner and inspiration can be drawn from many forms including family history.
Have a great weekend everyone.          Tony


  1. I recently acquired for free a box full of thick walnut veneer. They were tossing it out at the cabinet shop because it was all warped and wavy. It works nicely to replicate aged timber frame members in the smaller scales. The large open grain looks like weathering cracks and checking.

    Veneer thickness works fine to simulate true timber framing as the infill came right on up to the surface of the timbers.

    1:24 scale is popular and increasingly companies that make miniature furniture and other household items are making pieces in that scale. Used to be 1:16 scale was very much one of the dollhouse standard sizes. That scale is probably my personal favorite, not too big, not too small, just right. But few to none companies make accessories so it is a matter of custom making everything that will be used in the project.

  2. I spent a while not written on all your post, but I have looked and read.
    I have busy with the garden plans for this summer.
    The garden is also a hobby, but also very hard work.
    Wow, what a fantastic project you are going to build, I am very enthusiastic
    about it.
    Super that I can follow this whole process on your blog.
    I can't wait.
    The story behind your project is very nice, and the old print is also very nice.

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  3. Hi Tony! It was very quirt at your blog, but that's gone change, I think? 1:24 scale is in Holland very popular!! I believe that the accessories of that scale are not so much available?? So you gonna make the cobblershop of your fathers? I am very always ;)!
    Greetings, Ilona

  4. 1:24th is getting much more popular of late. I think that it's a wonderful testament to your Dad to make a cobblers shop. Let me know if you need any leather. I have some fine Nappa leather going spare =0)

  5. Hi Tony, does sounds like quite an eventful weekend, cars can be a blessing and a curse at times.
    Regarding building a 1:24th scale property. This scale is becoming increasingly popular it would seem although it does not appeal to me personally. I prefer 1:12 or 1:144th myself. I think a cobblers shop is a fantastic idea though, don't think I have ever seen one before in any scale, so I will look forward to watching that come to life

  6. I love the idea of your cobbler shop. (I intend putting a cobbler in the roofspace of my Tenement so all ideas are gratefully received!) There was quite a good range of 1/24th items on sale at Miniatura this past weekend - more than I'd been aware of before so I don't think you'll be stuck for items.