Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cobblers Shop Progress.

This week has seen the construction of the main fire place wall and fire surround complete with the range. Its been quite tedious work as i had to cut all the individual blocks that make up the wall first then actually build the design.

The range is a phoenix kit in 1/24th that i had to construct and paint but fits perfectly with everything else.

I decided to render the wall as opposed to leaving it just stone as i prefer the look this gives and it also saved me a fair amount of time being neat with the mortar course.

The opening to the left of the range will be a place to store logs which i intend to half fill.
Now that i have constructed this wall this enables me to start designing the shop display shelving and arrange it for the best fit possible on the other side, once i have built all of the shop display then i can continue with construction of the main shop wall which will have the main window.
Because I'm working in 1/24th i have decided to add all or most of the accessories on the lower level before i move onto the upper level for easy access and also for fitting the lighting system.
Id like to welcome my new followers and thank you for taking an interest in my work, its hard to believe that i have nearly reached 200 followers, it also sounds a great opportunity for another giveaway! plus it will be a year in June since i first set up my blog so that's another good reason stay tuned for more info on this.
Have a great and safe week everyone :)


  1. Good evening Tony. Stunning work, it seems if one can enter inside like it was ages ago. I am a huge fan of the realistic looks too.
    Have a great week. Greeting, Ilona

  2. This is looking really good! I look forward to seeing more progress pics!

  3. Lindo e expressivo este blog, parabêns, vou seguir.

  4. Wonderful work, Tony! Hard to tell that it is a mini :-)

  5. Hello Tony,
    Terrific job. Your work is so realisitc i feel like I'm looking at the ruins of a real building...that last pictures looks as though the moon is shining on the wall. I am very impressed!
    Have a great week,

  6. Very lovely work! As always!! My girls are very excited to see what you come up with for them as well. :)

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  8. Beautiful! In so many ways!