Sunday, 13 May 2012

Wand Cabinet Update.

This week has seen the bottom draw constructed and the two main cabinet doors. I decided to change the design of the doors after encountering problems with the glass so i settled for the design you see here.

I carried the Paula shell design  through to the draw to by adding a piece to each corner. Once i have constructed the plinths that the wands will sit on and mounted them on the shelf's then i will hang the doors too, by doing this it gives me that little extra access to the inside.

As you can see from the image above the painted panels show up perfectly and will still be visible once the plinths and wands have been located.

Ive been quite lucky as i have just two piece of timber left from the original writing slope this has been constructed from, not every piece of timber is perfect but i think that adds to the natural charm of the piece.
A very warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my journal/blog. Hopefully withing the next couple of weeks i should have some more new pieces to share with you all.
Have a great week everyone.      Tony.


  1. Tony, another exquisite, gorgeous piece.
    You cannot imagne how often I take my box and admire it being totally in love with it.
    Have a lovely evening, Rosanna

    1. Many thanks rosanna thats a wonderful comment and one which makes me very happy :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful and unique. A life-sized version would also be to die for!

    1. Thanks Alison, A life size version would be fun to build too :)

  3. I love this cabinet Tony, another triumph, what a lucky customer to be getting this

  4. Your work is absolutly fantastic.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Hello Tony,
    Wow! Every time I see you have a new post I know I'm going to be blown away.
    Your skill is wonderful and I love your craftsmanship. The piece not only looks well done and sturdy, but has such character and charm...It is absolutely fantastic. A real work of art!
    Tony, you are a master!
    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Giac, Thats a wonderful compliment! although i would still only class myself as being the apprentice. My journey into miniatures is relativley new but i get so much pleasure from the pieces i make.

  6. Another masterpice!
    Bye Faby

  7. Hi Tony, I see I've missed some of your posts, I was very busy (real life).
    This cabinet is again a masterpiece: stunning!! I love the shells.
    Greetings, Ilona