Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wands Complete.

These are the three wands that will sit in the 1/6th scale wand cabinet once fully complete.
Measuring around 3'' each two of the wands have a piece of Cornish quartz mounted into the top while the third has a Amethyst sphere.

I really enjoyed making these as many years ago i used to make full sized versions for people and these brought back some happy memories for me.
Quartz in varying forms has been worn for thousands of years as talismans and is commonly known as the ''ice of the gods'' and has been recognised as having extraordinary physical and metaphysical properties, and lets not forget each specimen is naturally beautiful in its own way.

This is a photograph of a talisman i made a few years back the main stone is tibetan quartz which holds many special properties this has been attached to a naturally found deer antler at the top there is a piece of cut white topaz mounted into copper.

This piece is then finished of with a mount so it can be hung from a belt or attached to something safe.
Hopefully next week will see the completed cabinet with the wands inside im looking forward to seeing how this piece will turn out. A very warm welcome to my new followers, many thanks for taking an interest in my work. Have a great weekend everyone.     Tony.


  1. So interesting! Great magical objects, these small ones and big ones too!

  2. Fabulous work Tony. I think the owner will be thrilled with them and the cabinet

  3. Hello Tony,
    AS always, fantastic job. I think you did a spectacular job with the wands. The detail in the sculpting is just wonderful. I also very much appreciate the workmanship of the caps that hold the crystals at the top. Sincerely, your work always impresses me...the quality is always wonderful and each piece is so original.
    Have a great week,

  4. This is amazing! Every time you show us some of your work I think that you can't top it, but then you do. I never stop being amazed at the detail work that you manage to achieve at this scale. Wow!

  5. Oh wow, the wands are absolutely lovely!
    I was out of town all weekend, so I just saw your email, and will be responding this evening!

    I'm so excited!