Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wunderkammer Collection.

I decided a while back that id like to make a small collection of wunderkammer cabinets filled with unusual and interesting objects. The first piece in this collection is a small cabinet that hold a tiny figure which i found metal detecting quite a while ago, im not sure what the figure is but i have been told that it was hand cast and is probably bronze. The site where this object was found has a natural spring water source and has been used as such for well over a thousand years so maybe this was some kind of offering?

In order to see the figure i had to clean it up to how you now see it here, OK this is not always the best approach especially with old objects but in this case i found it looks better as it has exposed a lot of the detail that wasn't visible before.

The tiny cabinet is made from walnut and has been put together using genuine glass panels that are 1mm thick. The cabinet stands 2'' in height and is 1¼'' width at the top.

Ive had great fun choosing the objects that im going to put inside these tiny cabinets not all will be metal detecting finds so make sure you stay tuned to see what appears in the others.This one and all the others will be available on my for sale page.
Have a great weekend everyone.   Tony

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tales From The River Bank.

Making the most of any good weather we have had i decided on Wednesday to take a walk down by the river. I grabbed a few things and took a leisurely stroll  until i found a spot to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Sitting comfortably by the river bank i then started to carve and file my way through a piece of ivory i had picked up on my way out, i find that sometimes working with the most basic tools can yield the most satisfactory outcomes. To be honest i had no idea what so ever what i was about to carve indeed most if not all of the items i make like this just seem to appear from nothing. After around 15 min or so of working the ivory i paused for a second and looked down into the gravel of the riverbed and spotted a tiny piece of broken clay pipe stem this really is nothing special for this area as i have walked the fields many times and come across sometimes perfect specimens which still retain the full stem. With thought in mind i now knew what this piece of ivory was destined to become.

After having spent virtually 7 hours and a spot of lunch i made my way home. The pipe i had carved i decided needed a box to keep it safe so after a couple of days of rain and showers i ended up with this.

The box is covered with a very fine leather and on the top is mounted a brass motif of a mermaid indicating the pipe may have belonged to the captain of a ship.

The size of the pipe would dictate that its also known as a ''church warden'' with a slight curve on the stem and measuring just under 2'' which at first i thought seemed a little large but in fact some of these clay pipes could measure as much as 3ft in length.

The box has been lined with a purple silk which also shows the tiny pipe off to its best.
The pipe may not look much for amount of time i spent sanding and filing at the ivory but to me its not the amount of time that's important, it was the fact i had a wonderful day in a perfect setting and at the end walked away with a tiny treasure. Sometimes the most simplest things in life can be the most enjoyable and rewarding. This piece will be added to my For Sale section later and will also come complete with the tiny section of the real pipe i found in the river which gave me the idea to create this miniature.
Have a great and safe weekend  everyone.  Tony

Monday, 11 June 2012

Moving Forwards.

After the unpleasant occurrences of last weekend i have taken a week off my full time job and hope to get away for at least a couple of days sometime this week. As the days pass i guess it grows more unlikely that any of the items will be recovered especially my sons cycles theses were hand built custom mountain bikes worth in excess of £2,500 alone as for future security measures well the only other measure i could take was to install CCTV cameras as the thieves broke and cut there way past 5 locks I'm guessing no locks will deter any future attempts I've also installed motion sensors around every available route that leads to the workshop. So time to move forward.

     Id just like to thank all of my friends and followers for there kind support and comments it really
            is very much appreciated and gives you that little boost when your feeling a tad low.

The wand cabinet is finally complete.

                     The hinges have now been fitted and the wands are sitting in there new home.

I love the colours that I've used inside the cabinet, they all seem to blend together perfectly and show the wands off to there best.

And for my first ever piece of 1/6th scale furniture i think it turned out pretty good, although i have to admit it did seem strange at times working to this size and sometimes i had to remind myself twice before i cut any timber.
I would also like to welcome my new followers many thanks for taking an interest in my work and following my blog/journal.
Have a great and safe week everyone.     Tony 

Monday, 4 June 2012


I wasn't sure i wanted to make this post. In the early hours of yesterday morning my workshop was broken into i have to say i feel so numb at this moment in time not just for the items i have lost but also for certain things which my son has had taken including two hand built bikes which were almost complete and have taken him the best part of a year to build . A sad weekend indeed.