Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wunderkammer Collection.

I decided a while back that id like to make a small collection of wunderkammer cabinets filled with unusual and interesting objects. The first piece in this collection is a small cabinet that hold a tiny figure which i found metal detecting quite a while ago, im not sure what the figure is but i have been told that it was hand cast and is probably bronze. The site where this object was found has a natural spring water source and has been used as such for well over a thousand years so maybe this was some kind of offering?

In order to see the figure i had to clean it up to how you now see it here, OK this is not always the best approach especially with old objects but in this case i found it looks better as it has exposed a lot of the detail that wasn't visible before.

The tiny cabinet is made from walnut and has been put together using genuine glass panels that are 1mm thick. The cabinet stands 2'' in height and is 1¼'' width at the top.

Ive had great fun choosing the objects that im going to put inside these tiny cabinets not all will be metal detecting finds so make sure you stay tuned to see what appears in the others.This one and all the others will be available on my for sale page.
Have a great weekend everyone.   Tony


  1. I love tiny cabinets. This one is charming and the figure inside holds an interesting secret. Beautiful craftsmanship!

  2. I love it! The perfect display for a beautiful found object.

  3. A nice little cabinet and a great little find too. I wonder how old the figure is? I have seen small figures made as offerings in museums before, so it sounds most likely. It sits very nicely in your miniature cabinet.

  4. Wonderful.
    Hugs from Craftland

  5. Hi Tony! Great find! This tiny cabinet is wonderful.
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. Beautiful work Tony! And the figurine "from Pompeii" is so pretty!:)

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  8. Oh, what a great idea!!! I am glad that you came up with this thought. There are so many possibilities with it. I always wished that I could have been one of these immensely rich characters who had a Wunderkammer. I would have stuffed it to the rafters with the most wonderful and interesting objects. I'm so excited to see it on a small scale!

  9. I can't see what the figurine has in her hands very clearly, but she has the same pose and skirt as the Minoan snake goddess. Coincidentally, I was in a second hand book shop today, filled with books from floor to ceiling and saw a book with a Minoan snake goddess on the spine, Past Lives by Ian Wilson. Very strange. :D I would be inclined to think it's a modern charm, but that doesn't detract from how nice the overall piece is, it is a lovely little object and the box is perfect for it.