Sunday, 26 August 2012

A touch of magic.

Earlier this year i was asked if it would be possible for me to recreate professor Albus Dumbledores desk as a commission piece. After sitting down and taking a good look at the original piece i agreed to have a go so long as i could  make minor changes.

I knew from the very start that recreating the main panels was going to be difficult but felt reasonably confident that i could come up with something that the customer who commissioned the piece would be happy with. After numerous attempts at carving the panels probably 10 or more in total it became obvious that i myself  just did not have the tools to get the detail that was required and that i was happy with so more emails were exchanged and the customer was more than happy for me to have the panels made by laser cutting.
I completed a cad drawing of one of the panels and sent it to various laser cutters.

What i didn't realise at this point was just how difficult this was going to turn out, some companies never even responded others wanted extortionate amounts of money Hmmm back to the drawing board!! time passed by i tried many other options including even casting but i just wasn't happy, then i decided to send a mail to carol at MitcyMooMiniatures because i knew she had recently acquired a laser cutter and seek her opinion on if she thought it possible to create them, I have to say this lady is a god send the communication with her was perfect and she knew instantly what she was talking about. Her attention to detail is second to none even asking what type of timber i preferred! My preference was walnut but i had slight doubts that this would match the oak frame i intended to construct the main frame with so i decided to wait for the panels to arrive and if they didn't match i would construct the whole piece using walnut.

The piece is still WIP as i need to complete the draws but I'm quite happy how this it came together and i cant thank Carol enough for her help on achieving what you see above its the first piece I've made with the help of another artist and hopefully wont be the last. Many thanks carol i really appreciate your help.

The top is inlaid with a dark green kid leather and the whole thing hand polished with natural bee's wax.
This piece of work has had its ups and downs, but it all turned out good in the end combining the efforts of various artists appeals to me in many ways and has given me some great ideas for future projects, i personally would love nothing more than to start a piece of work and send it around the world to let other artists release the creative essence and see how it turns out Hmmm!!
On another note i would like to thank everyone who entered my giveaway i really wish i could have sent everyone a small piece of my work as a thank you for supporting my blog and the pieces of work i create it really does mean a lot to me.
                                      Congratulations again to  Eva - tatalamaru.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone .   Tony.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Giveaway Lucky Number!

I decided for the giveaway that i would allocate a number for each comment received so in total 51.

Lucky number was 39  so Congratulations to   Eva - tatalamaru  who left the 39th comment.
Eva if you email me your postage details please. Many thanks to everyone who decided to leave a comment maybe you will be the lucky one next time.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fish In Cabinet.

This is the last miniature wunderkammer piece at least for a while as i have a commission piece which is now awaiting completion. I got the idea for this particular piece of work from a museum i used to visit as young lad.

Its strange how things like this seem to stick in ones mind the museum has since long gone but i remember walking around that place like it was yesterday.As with the crab specimen this piece is also set in resin i would also like to point out that the fish died naturally.

Instead of just creating the piece in a plain cabinet i decided to add five tiny shells down each side and a tiny crabs claw which kind of makes it a little more interesting, these are fixed in place and not removable as they are quite fragile.This piece of work will be available on my for sale page.
Welcome to my new followers, and thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my giveaway post theres still just under a couple of weeks before the draw so if you would like the chance of winning this tiny treasure then checkout what you need to do on the previous post.
Have a wonderful week everyone.   Tony.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Time for another giveaway.

So as i promised here's giveaway No2.
As I've been creating miniature pieces of wunderkammer just lately i thought id also make one of these pieces as my second giveaway.
This tiny piece measures just over an inch square and contains a beautiful piece of Imperial Topaz which originated from the Ouro PrĂȘto area in Minas Gerais Brazil. One of the rarest forms of topaz and varying in colour from golden-orange to orange to pink, pinkish-red or violet.

  The three panes of glass measure just 0.5mm thick and are mounted into a walnut case while the crystal itself sits on a piece of genuine buffalo horn on the front is mounted a tiny brass plaque.

So if you would like the opportunity to own this small treasure the same rules apply as before  be a follower of my blog and leave me a comment saying why you would like to own it simple as that!
I know this tiny piece will not match every ones own individual decorative tastes but its still a lovely little piece to own.
The winner will be picked and announced on the 25th August 2012.
Good Luck to everyone and have a wonderful weekend.       Tony 

Seashore Specimine.

I will be making two posts this weekend one depicting my latest piece of work and the other about the piece of work which is to become my second giveaway, tune in a little later for more on that.

One of my favourite places to explore as I'm sure with many of you is the beach, i usually find the time to take at least 2 or 3 long weekend trips a year but this year has been so busy with work and such i have found it difficult so am long overdue.

I do apologise for the out of focus shot, this tiny little crab measures just 1inch across from the tip of each leg, encased in resin and mounted into a walnut case i am pleased with the way it turned out.

                         The overall dimensions of the case are 1.5'' in height x 2'' wide and 1'' deep.

This piece will be available on my for sale page. I have a few more ideas for pieces similar to this and look forward to seeing how they turn out and hopefully sharing them with you all.
Don't forget to check my journal/Blog over the weekend as i will be showing what will be up for grabs in my second giveaway.
A warm welcome to my new followers, and many thanks for taking an interest in my journal/Blog and the piece i make.
Catch you all soon.   Tony.