Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fish In Cabinet.

This is the last miniature wunderkammer piece at least for a while as i have a commission piece which is now awaiting completion. I got the idea for this particular piece of work from a museum i used to visit as young lad.

Its strange how things like this seem to stick in ones mind the museum has since long gone but i remember walking around that place like it was yesterday.As with the crab specimen this piece is also set in resin i would also like to point out that the fish died naturally.

Instead of just creating the piece in a plain cabinet i decided to add five tiny shells down each side and a tiny crabs claw which kind of makes it a little more interesting, these are fixed in place and not removable as they are quite fragile.This piece of work will be available on my for sale page.
Welcome to my new followers, and thank you to everyone who has left a comment on my giveaway post theres still just under a couple of weeks before the draw so if you would like the chance of winning this tiny treasure then checkout what you need to do on the previous post.
Have a wonderful week everyone.   Tony.


  1. Great idea and of course great work!:)

  2. Realmente es una pieza de museo!
    Precioso trabajo
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  3. Beautiful work, I love the side shelves with the shells.

  4. Hi Tony! Beautifully wunderkammer! Fortunately the fish died naturally and is in resin, otherwise the smell.........:D!! Those tiny shells are gorgeous just as the crab claw is.
    Have a nice week. Greetings, Ilona

  5. I love it ! I love all your pieces, so unusual and so beautiful.

  6. Hello Tony,
    Another fantastic piece of artwork. It amazes me how you can impress me with a fish in a cabinet. It look wonderful and I especially love the rich finish you acheive on your pieces. they look wondetrful.
    Great job, once again,

  7. Wonderful work, I love the shells and crab claw on the sides, it just adds so much to the whole piece.

  8. what a clever idea, love the little shells up the side as well

  9. Beautiful!!! As always an inspiration!!!

  10. All of your work is so clever and so inspirational. One piece just tops the other!

  11. Amazing!!! You do such great work. I spend far too much time slack jawed at it all. ;)