Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Cobblers Shop progress.

Hi everyone ive been so busy over the past couple of weeks that ive had little or no time to sit down at home and update my journal, im now in a position to put my feet up for a while and enojy a coffea and relax a little.
As i mentioned in my previous post i have started doing some more work on my Cobblers shop, after chatting to other family members who remember more about the interior of this shop than i do i thought it nessasary to get the right finish,so took the decision to start again this was by no means easy as the two walls i had built had taken a considerable amount of time but i feel a lot happier for taking the decision and getting it right so in the past couple of weeks i have managed to reconstruct the walls and staircase and also most of the ceiling joists and beams all in oak, the floor is still the same. I have no doubts its not going to be easy to complete this build as i imagine other things will change as i progress, I do appologise for not posting any new images, hopefully these will be available at the weekend.
At the moment i am trying my hand at creating some mininature shoe boxes if anyone knows how to make these in 1/24th scale id be more than happy for any tips advice, also shoes and boots, is it possible to make/buy early victorian boots or shoes or does anyone know how to recreate them in this scale, again id be more than happy for any tips or suggestions, im delving into areas now i know nothing about and even though its my first build i dont just want the building itself to look right but also the contents too even down to the smallest details.Stay tuned for a further update with pics at the weekend.
Have a great week everyone   Tony.


  1. Tony - do have a look at
    some great shoes here! Hope life is treating you well. Cheers - Lidi

  2. Tony, las cajas se hacen muy bien en Photoshop, con un modelo en blanco, luego se van adornando en el estilo de la tienda que se quiere hacer...Si necesitas ayuda, mandame un e-mail. Un beso

  3. Hello Tony,
    I'm glad you get a little down time. I can't wait tos ee pictures of the new structure. I would suggest looking up tutorials on youtube. I've found some good stuff for almost any project I think about.
    Big hug,

  4. Hi Tony,

    I am really looking forward to seeing your new photos. I can only imagine how difficult it was to make these changes you talked about.

    As for shoes in 1/24 scale. I don't know anyone that makes those in the period you are looking for. Or at all.

    I can tell you I made polymer clay forms (a right and a left) to form leather over when I made shoes. Double stick tape held soles and insoles on the forms while I crafted the rest of the shoe. It was very hard to get the tape off but it can be done.

    I am happy to send you some paper thin leather. If you would like some leave me a message on my last post in my blog.

  5. Hi Tony! It is difficult to make new changes in a project, but it can be good to do so. I can't wait to see new pictures of the progress. For the shoes: it must be a challenge to make some pair of shoes in 1/24 scale ;)! Can you put a picture of the needed shoes on your next post? Maybe it will help us to figure out how we can help you?
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. Ahhhhh, it's a 'cliffhanger' post! I can't wait to see the fotos one day.

  7. How brave of you to consider starting again. I'm looking forward to seeing all your changes but sorry, I can't help with the shoes.

  8. Hola Tony, lo primero pedir disculpas por tardar tanto en subir las fotos del premio que gané en tu blog, pero la tecnología se me puso en contra.
    Lo segundo decirte que a escala tan pequeña no puedo ayudarte, quizás reduciendo el tamaño con photoshop las cajitas te pueden quedar bien.
    En cuanto a artesanos que hagan zapatitos victorianos y que trabajen esa escala tan pequeña no conozco a ninguno, pero si me entero o veo alguno ya te lo digo, ok?
    Un beso y gracias por todo, que vaya genial el nuevo proyecto.