Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lifes Little Treasures.

          My second grandson born monday 22nd October, His mum had an extended stay in hospital
          but shes is now doing fine. :) 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012


When i decide to create a new piece of work my inspiration comes from many sources,in the case of the next piece the idea came from a souvenir medal that has been handed down through my family.
I can clearly remember seeing this medal many years ago when it was in the possession of my mother but i did not understand what it actually was at that time or the other items that were in the box.The medal is in fact a souvenir of the 1889 Inauguration of  the Eiffel Tower and was given out in limited numbers to people who made the accent up this magical structure, this along with many other items including postcards and dinner menus were collected by my great grandparents when they visited the Paris Exposition Universelle ( Click the link for a more detailed read )  and on there return home these items were put away in a small keepsake box which is now in my possession,The souvenir medal is also engraved with my great grandfather's name. This gave me the idea of creating a miniature 1/12th scale keepsake box full of similar items.

The box is constructed using a walnut carcass and covered in Ivory,while the top is inlaid with various different woods.

          The inside is covered with antique red calf skin leather which gives a beautiful aged look.

                                                And a sneak peek at the contents inside.

This piece of work is possibly one of the most personal pieces i have made to date and i have to admit i did get slightly attached to it and thought twice about putting it up for sale, however i have decided to create another piece in a different design for myself as i truly love the way it turned out.

The box also contained many foreign coins that had obviously been collected when my great grandparents travelled overseas, unfortunately these are a little difficult to replicate in 1/12th scale so i have placed a very very  tiny roman coin also inside the box, this was a metal detecting find by myself a few years back although i am not sure of the date or who the emperor portrayed on the coin is.

           The above and below images show the engraved medal that inspired the creation of this piece.

This was a wonderful piece to work on and i have to say one of my personal favourites, i love nothing more than when i can create a piece like this that links back to something that is not only personal to myself but also beautiful.
This will be my last post for a while as my daughter is being admitted to hospital on Saturday for the birth of her baby, many thanks for all of your wonderful and kind comments they are really very much appreciated .
Have a wonderful week .  Tony.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Georgian Tea Caddy.

Having taken a break from the cobblers shop i have managed to complete one of two other pieces i have been working on. The first is this Georgian tea caddy made from Ivory and tortoise shell.

My apologises for the slightly blurred image!, This tiny little piece was partly constructed using tortoise shell which was kindly sent to me by another artist from the states after she purchased one of my works the box which the tortoise came from had been in her family for quite some time but the lid was damaged beyond repair, i intend sending her a piece of work back as a thank you.

                 The inside is also lined with metal to simulate the lead the original would have had.

I said at the beginning of this post that i had been working on two pieces, the other which i hope to show you shortly is another tiny little box but this time made all from ivory, thats all im saying about this piece for now but it should be completed very soon.
The tea caddy along with the other item i am still working on will both be available on my for sale page.
A very warm welcome to my new followers and a big thank you for taking an interest in my blog and the items i make.
Ive been so busy just lately that i do apologise if people have sent me emails and i haven't replied straight away, My workload in my full time job has more or less doubled due to staff shortages and on the home front my daughter is soon to give birth to her second child however this will not be a straight forward birth as she had complications from her first child so everyone is a little tense at the moment including myself as i have been working away from home, i have to say it will be a big relief once the baby is here and i know they are both fine.
Have a great and safe week everyone.   Tony.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shop Front.

The front section of my build is progressing nicely and the first light has been fixed into position.

The interior of the front section has also had a little work done with two of the main walls being panelled, I'm not sure yet if the fire breast wall will be panelled or not as i will most likely be building shelves of some sort for this wall.

I'm getting itchy fingers to start adding accessories and such but really need to contain myself until the main construction of the lower floor is complete.

So all in all everything is coming on fine, i now need to start installing all the other lights on the lower floor, some will be wall light fittings and others will be standard table oil lamps and candles i have not yet ordered these so in the meantime i will work on either some furniture or maybe some 1/12th scale pieces i always tend to have more than one piece of work on the go at any given time as if i come across a problem then usually walking away and working on another piece of work helps me tackle it better.
I do apologise for not replying to your comments straight away but i have been so busy this week and also working away from home please be assured i do read each and everyone of them.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my journal/blog :)
Have a wonderful week everyone.  Tony