Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shop Front.

The front section of my build is progressing nicely and the first light has been fixed into position.

The interior of the front section has also had a little work done with two of the main walls being panelled, I'm not sure yet if the fire breast wall will be panelled or not as i will most likely be building shelves of some sort for this wall.

I'm getting itchy fingers to start adding accessories and such but really need to contain myself until the main construction of the lower floor is complete.

So all in all everything is coming on fine, i now need to start installing all the other lights on the lower floor, some will be wall light fittings and others will be standard table oil lamps and candles i have not yet ordered these so in the meantime i will work on either some furniture or maybe some 1/12th scale pieces i always tend to have more than one piece of work on the go at any given time as if i come across a problem then usually walking away and working on another piece of work helps me tackle it better.
I do apologise for not replying to your comments straight away but i have been so busy this week and also working away from home please be assured i do read each and everyone of them.
A warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in my journal/blog :)
Have a wonderful week everyone.  Tony


  1. It all looks so real, Tony, wonderful work.

  2. Sooo Nice! Can't wait for more photos and of your beautiful work.:)

  3. This is impressive work so far, Tony, it looks so real! I am glad your fingers are okay, thanks for answering ;)!
    Have a nice week(end) too, Ilona

  4. Your work is so realistic and every little detail is considered, very impressive. It's hard to believe it is 1/24th scale!

    I also love the way you write about it and I will just keep reading older posts until I've read them all!

  5. Beautiful work Tony! I look forward to seeing your progress on the shop.


  6. So beautiful and such perfect craftsmanship. I LOVE the interior and the exterior of your shop front!!!

  7. Amazing work as always, so precise. I love the panelling and your use of the coach light.

  8. Perfect work,Tony !I really love how you made the shop front and looking forward to the next steps. It will be an outstanding shop ! Jeannette

  9. This shop looks amazing, I love all the fine detail, even more incredible in this smaller scale! A great piece of work! Look forward to seeing more of it soon!

  10. Adore the panelling. Especially the way it has got the deeper patina towards the corners. Such a wonderfully evocative room, you can imagine so many years have gone by since it was first installed.

  11. It is unbelievably perfect!

  12. Hell oTony,
    I am just stunned at your incredible workmanship. It looks wonderful and so rich and so much character. you really are a formidable miniaturist.
    Big hug,