Sunday, 18 November 2012

I would like to start this post by thanking everyone who left comments on my previous post and for the personal messages i received i really appreciate each and every one.
I'm glad to report that my daughter is now back home but we will continue to give our support and help to her as she is not fully recovered and finds doing the most simple tasks quite difficult.

OK now for some miniatures! Firstly id like to share my most precious miniature.

This is the latest shot of my grandson resting his tiny head in my hand, hes doing really well and putting weight on perfectly.
I have also been working ( when time permits ) on a new piece of work which hopefully i will post some shots of later as i still need to add a couple of finishing touches to it, my older grandson has taken particular interest in this piece of work because he has accompanied me though more or less the whole construction of it so hopefully as i said i will post some images a little later once its complete.
Thank you all again for your supportive comments.  Tony.


  1. That's a lovely photo Tony. Definitely one for the album. Glad to hear he's doing ok.

  2. That is such a beautiful photo and such a content baby. Definitely one to treasure!

    Looking forward to your new project!

  3. Such a beautiful photo and baby!

  4. What good news.
    Finally everything goes well again.
    That picture is fantastic of the little one op the hand.
    I hope you guys have tremendously enjoying good and fantastic period ahead of you.

    I am also extremely curious about all your new developments and what you're creating.

    Kind regards, Alexandra

  5. Tony, he really is your miniature treasure! What a awesome picture, just gorgeous in its simplicity!
    I am curious to see the next miniature project you're talking about: we'll wait and see ;)
    To your family and you: all the best wishes.
    Greetings, Ilona

  6. This is great to hear! I hope your daughter recovers quickly now she's back home once again. What a gorgeous grandson, now that's a wonderful miniature! :o))

    Michelle :o))

  7. Beautiful photo. Glad to hear she's home, it's so much easier to sleep and hence mend, in the comfort of your own bed at night.

  8. Me alegro que tu hija esté mejor!
    Tu nieto es hermoso.
    Un abrazo

  9. That's really good news! The baby is beautiful and so is the photo!:)

  10. He is adorable. Glad to hear he is well.

  11. Oh, what a Beautiful Baby!!! Your photo is Gorgeous! I am so glad to hear your Daughter is getting better. And that your older grandson is a great "helper"!

  12. I somehow missed this post earlier today, I am glad that your daughter is better and hope that she will have recovered a 100% soon. Your grandson is just beautiful and what a wonderful photo of him.

  13. Bonsoir,
    Quelle merveilleuse photo!
    J'ai été absente un certain temps et je découvre seulement vos posts. J'espère que votre fille va mieux maintenant. Profitez! C'est si précieux... ;-)
    Votre travail est toujours aussi magnifique!

  14. Hello Tony,
    I'm so happy your daughter is back home. Your grandsone is just ebautiful. I wish your whole family all the best,
    Big hug,