Monday, 26 November 2012

The Dragons Crest.

Another piece of work which i have had on the go for sometime and only just recently managed to complete. This chest is made from a variety of woods, the main front frame work and panel is Olive wood while the two inlaid dragons are of boxwood, finally the two side panels and top are made from English oak which dates to around 1600.

The centre lock plate is reclaimed brass which came from a victorian ladies watch which had a monogram engraved into the back.
Once the lid is lifted inside sits a Queen Elizabeth 1st silver sixpence which i have mounted permanently this dates to between 1558 and 1603 roughly the same age as the oak timber i have used. I have found several of these coins over the years but have yet to discover one in great condition most i have found on farmland which is why there condition is possibly not brilliant due to the fact that ploughing has obviously taken its toll.The obverse side of this coin was particularly worn which is why i decided to mount it the way i have.
The inside is divided into two separate compartments which is common for chest or coffers of this period.
The dimensions of this piece are 3½'' Wide 2¼'' Height and 2'' Depth.
While writing this blog post i received a telephone call from the environment agency advising that my home is at severe risk from flooding, I'm not making any hasty decisions as i have been in this situation before and i was lucky enough to escape any major damage, if and when the water does rise then between myself and the help of my son i am positive i will have enough time to move what things are valuable to a safe place, fingers crossed all will be good!
My latest piece of work will also be available on my For Sale page.
Have a great and safe week everyone.   Tony.


  1. Outstanding, it's sooo wonderful, perfection! :o)

    I do hope you stay flood free!!!

    Michelle :o)

  2. A beautiful piece of work Tony, I love the Olive wood. Hope the flood waters stay away from your home.

  3. Amazing miniature! Keeping my fingers crossed for you to stay flood free!

  4. The olive wood is wonderful! This is another wonderful piece of work, Tony. Hope you'll be safe for the flood waters!
    Greetings, Ilona

  5. Beautiful work and fascinating history. Hoping you will be safe from flooding---

  6. Beautiful box, I love the dragons. Stay safe Tony. I have been hearing all about the rain on LBC radio.

  7. Wow! This chest would not be out of place in a medieval castle - or in a little cottage in the woods. It's exquisitely rendered.

  8. Hello Tony,
    I am in awe of this piece. It is spectacular and the pieces of wood you chose are fantastic. I love the wood grain. Excellent work.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, hoping you don't get any flooding.

  9. You truly are a master craftsman - this piece is stunning and I love the added detail with the sixpence.

    I hope you managed to escape the floods.

  10. Una autentica preciosidad.
    Me gusta todo, la forma el color, la textura, etc

  11. Your work is AMAZING! I saw a Dumbledore desk you made for another blog member, and I can't get over it.