Monday, 31 December 2012

                                               A very happy New Year to all of my friends and followers,
                                         May 2013 bring you and your families happiness,
                                                   good health and prosperity    Tony

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Adding Accessories.

The Two draws have now been constructed and two little ivory knobs carved and fixed in place, the knobs measure around 2mm each so they weren't the easiest things to make.

I managed to get both made out of the same piece of ivory. These were then mounted to the draw fronts which have also been veneered in the same English walnut burr.


After looking at the shagreen i was going to use to line the draws with I'm now having second thoughts on if its plausible to continue with the idea, my main concern is that the shagreen is quite thick Ive tried to thin this down but believe me this is very tough stuff a lot harder wearing than any leather and cutting even with a new scalpel blade requires two or three scores so I'm exploring different options at the minute.
The image above shows one of the handblown glasscraft cranberry scent bottles, these are fabulous quality the stopper is also removable.
And finally showing the two bottles in there new home. I'm still constructing many of the other accessories that will complete this piece and will share these as they develop and progress.
Id also like to welcome my new followers and say thanks for finding my work interesting enough to follow.
Have a great weekend everyone.  Tony.


Thursday, 27 December 2012


Its been a rather strange Christmas in our household this year, my wife had to work Christmas day so opening presents was postponed until late afternoon, we also decided to have our Christmas lunch on boxing day as this was more practical and meant that we could relax and spend time with family.
I have managed to catch a few hours here and there and concentrate on the ladies vanity box that i have started working on.

The main carcass of the box is constructed from English walnut, this is then edged off with the recycled ivory piano keys i posted about in an earlier post, The open panels are then veneered in English walnut burr this will also be used for the lid and draw fronts once complete.


Inside the box there are five tiny compartments, two of these will be used to hold perfume bottles while the other three I'm not sure about yet, these have ivory lids with tiny handmade brass handles.
The draws once complete will hold other implements and hopefully a hairbrush and hand mirror.
This will now definitely be my first piece of 2013, I've not put a time estimate on its completion but with all the accessories that need to be made its safe to say it wont be completed before the end of this year.I look forward to sharing more progress on this piece.
Its also been nice to get my PC up and running again and take the time to browse all the other blogs which i follow with great interest, i think everyone would agree that 2012 has seen some amazing miniature creations all around the world and i have to say its been fantastic to read and watch how many have developed into miniature masterpieces .
Have a great week everyone.  Tony.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Seasonal Greetings.

Hi everyone I've been frantically trying to install a new hard drive on my PC after it decided to self destruct on Saturday, i have just about now got it sorted but this post comes via my my wife's laptop.

I wish all of my friends and followers a very Merry Christmas and hope all your       Christmas wishes come true.

Have a wonderful Christmas day everyone.  Tony

Sunday, 16 December 2012

New Supplies.

Ive been waiting for material supplies to start a couple of new projects which Ive had in mind for a while.After receiving from a friend a good stock of Ivory piano keys i decided to start making some tiny pieces that will fit inside one of the pieces i am making.

Its always a great feeling to get my hands on new stocks of these, as indeed they are not a common sight any more, the piano these were removed from was constructed around 1880 and would have cost a substantial amount of money at that time, i guess its lucky for me that people continue to have these restored!
One of the new pieces i am working on will be a ladies vanity box, I am still waiting for certain materials for this piece including some shagreen which if appropriate will be used to decorate the inside. Mean while i have started working on some of the items that will grace the inside.

To give you an idea of scale i have placed one of the  pieces i have carved inside one of my wife's rings. I find it easier to make the actual box once all the pieces for the inside are made rather than construct the box then make everything fit after. I'm not quite sure yet if this piece will be finished for this year or if it will be my first piece of 2013, either way i will show the various steps of progression as they continue to happen, with Christmas just over a week away i am certainly as im sure most of you are looking forward to taking a break from work spending some quality time with family and friends and getting some time to be creative!
Have a great week everyone.       Tony.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Time to move inside.

Its been so cold recently that its come to the point where i need to move inside our house, trying to concentrate while your fingers are numb is virtually impossible and in turn starts to affects the quality of work which one makes, i am also waiting for fresh stocks of materials including antique ivory which will be used for the piece i am currently working on. Without giving to much away this piece of work will be highly detailed including all of the contents some of which i am currently working on at the moment hopefully i will share some progress photos of this piece very soon.
With Christmas just around the corner i have also been busy building up my wood stock with logs, with the price of gas and electricity forever on the increase burning logs at least for myself is a much cheaper way of  keeping our house warm, and I'm lucky in that i still have 3 open fires in the house, these logs should hopefully keep us warm for the next 3 months or more.
The Cobblers shop is moving along at a slow pace as i  tend to just work on this for an hour or two in between making the other pieces... who knows maybe next year it might  be completed!!
I have also started looking into making themed room boxes complete with furniture  and accessories these would be designed around my own ideas and contain all unique pieces relevant to the theme which it is based upon.
Have a great and safe week everyone.   Tony.