Saturday, 29 December 2012

Adding Accessories.

The Two draws have now been constructed and two little ivory knobs carved and fixed in place, the knobs measure around 2mm each so they weren't the easiest things to make.

I managed to get both made out of the same piece of ivory. These were then mounted to the draw fronts which have also been veneered in the same English walnut burr.


After looking at the shagreen i was going to use to line the draws with I'm now having second thoughts on if its plausible to continue with the idea, my main concern is that the shagreen is quite thick Ive tried to thin this down but believe me this is very tough stuff a lot harder wearing than any leather and cutting even with a new scalpel blade requires two or three scores so I'm exploring different options at the minute.
The image above shows one of the handblown glasscraft cranberry scent bottles, these are fabulous quality the stopper is also removable.
And finally showing the two bottles in there new home. I'm still constructing many of the other accessories that will complete this piece and will share these as they develop and progress.
Id also like to welcome my new followers and say thanks for finding my work interesting enough to follow.
Have a great weekend everyone.  Tony.



  1. Oh WOW Tony! That is just beautiful. I love the contrasting colors on the outside to the piece.

  2. Gorgeous! Am looking forward to seeing the finished piece :)

    Wishing you and your family good health, happiness and prosperity in 2013!

  3. This is such a beauty! I too like the contrasting colours!
    And the scent bottle is really lovely!
    Big hug

  4. Really a gorgeous piece! Love the bottles---

  5. This is a gorgeous piece of work, I just love the combination of the ivory and the English walnut. The little glass bottles are stunning, is it the cranberry glass work of Phil?
    I wish you a good and healthy 2013!

  6. I like the little glass bottles.
    Bye Faby

  7. Wow what a wonderfull piece of work!