Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ladies Vanity Box Complete.

             The Ladies vanity box is finally complete and becomes my first piece of work for 2013.

                                 I popped a coin on top to give everyone a comparison to scale.

The three tiny scent bottles and brass combs may fit inside the box but i have not tried them, either way they will also accompany the piece.
I'm not sure what may have been kept inside a ladies vanity box from around this period but i thought it would be nice to include a small portrait also mounted with a ivory frame.
                                       And finally a shot of the box with all of its accessories.
I'm hoping to continue sharing other pieces i have on the go but these may be a little irregular due to real life issues ,many thanks to everyone who has left me comments regarding this piece of work and also from my previous post i do read each one and treasure all of them also a warm welcome to my new followers and many thanks for taking an interest in what i create.
Have a happy and safe week everyone.   Tony.


  1. So beautiful! I'm at a loss for better words

  2. It's a masterpice, as always.
    Bye Faby

  3. Woww so many wonderful accessories fit inside that beautiful box. It sure turned out great---

  4. Wauw it looks amazing! Really a piece if miniature art. gr. AM

  5. I love it! Wonderful!!

  6. Tony........ I am at a loss for words.


  7. Tony, this vanity box is really artwork. There are so many accessories, which fit in this tiny box. Love that ivory frame.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Hi Tony, everything ok with you?
    It's really beautifully detailed.
    All those lovely small parts that fits in the box, they are wonderful.
    I am always amazed by your beautiful work.
    A very nice week, greetings, Alexandra

  9. Hi Tony, It's a masterpiece! Just the box would be that, but you think of all the tiny things that a lady would have in it and that makes it so much more. Aren't miniatures a wonderful outlet for stresses in real life? As long as you can find the time for your miniatures, it will help, I'm sure!

  10. Truly art. Such beautiful work. Thank you so much for sharing your latest treasure creation with us.


  11. Oh, it's beautiful. I can't believe how many little treasures you were able to fit inside. And the lady even had a portrait of 'her man'. I wonder if her family found him to be a suitable match!

  12. Beautiful work Tony!

    I hope everything in RL is better soon.

  13. Stunning work! It's a great pleasure to see your works Tony!
    Fingres crossed for your life issues to go in a good direction.:)
    Big hug

  14. Hello Tony,
    It is really a masterpiece. the finish is so rich and beautiful! The detail just blows me away. Congratulations Tony, you really outdid yourself.
    Big hug,

  15. This is remarkable detail left out! Bravo!

  16. Hello Tony, I have just found your blog and I cannot believe this beautiful piece. I love the antique 'necessaires' and you have created such a detailed on in mini, fabulous.

  17. It's gorgeous like all your work!! Jeannette

  18. Another little work of art.

  19. It's wonderful - again!
    Kind regards and lots of admiration

  20. I was out skiing and I didn't see it first hand: Tony, it is another masterpiece!!! wonderful!!!

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    Have a nice weekend.
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  22. Dear Tony, I have just finished scrolling trough all you posts....and I 'm just speachless! Your work is amazing and I love the wunderkammer miniatures you made. Years ago I also started a project, and made some miniatures for a professor who collects bric-à-brac from nature etc. I have safed everything in boxes for some day to start on this project....Visiting your blog inspired me a lot, but of course my work doesn't even come close to your amazing master pieces!