Saturday, 30 March 2013

Giveaway Winner.

Hi everyone, Hope your all enjoying your Easter weekend, i would just like to thank all of my followers who decided to enter my giveaway, my daughter wrote down all 69 entries and then my grandson who i have to say has been rather excited about it all picked the lucky name.

And the winner is!!   Sab
Congratulations to sab if you could email me your details please, the water colour and case will be on its way to you ASAP.
Again many thanks to everyone who took the time to comment :)
Have a great weekend everyone.         Tony.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Artists Box.

Hi everyone, id like to start this post by wishing all my followers a happy Easter and for all the wonderful comments on my previous posts, I would also like to congratulate Brae who's blog otterine has just been voted No1 in the readers choice awards for 2013, I'm sure as most of you are aware Brae creates some of the most inspiring pieces of work and is an inspiration to all miniature artists around the globe. Many congratulations Brae.

As mentioned previously when i was making the case for the water colour painting it gave me the idea of making a artists box, Ive decided to create two of these one for watercolours and one for oils which will be a little more complex as i want to include more items.

Obviously it made sense to start with the least complicated first so the watercolour box was born.
The box measures 1.5'' x 1.25'' and as you can see is a well used item.

The artist who owned this lived in Paris at the turn of the century and spent most of his days painting simple watercolours which he would sell to acquire money for his rent and food, looking inside the box there's also a receipt and a couple of addresses of potential clients pined to the lid.

The box contains all the basic items he needs to enable him to also carry it with him on journeys and especially when he visits his parents in the country.

The paint tray is also removable as are the tiny water pots and painting board. Sometimes simple pieces like this can also be the most special.

I still have a box very similar to this which i acquired when i started as a young apprentice sign writer when i first left school only my box was used primarily for carrying different kinds of brushes and not paints. After a couple of years i moved to the restoration of horse drawn carriages carrying out basic carpentry skills and the complete repaint of the carriage down to hand painting crests and applying the gold leaf this was my introduction into the artistic world.
The tiny artists box will be available on my for sale page.
Have a great day everyone.   Tony

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bon Voyage.

I had a great idea recently about the prize i have offered in my giveaway, the chances are that the tiny watercolour painting will most likely be going overseas somewhere so i decided to make a tiny box for the picture to sit in just to keep it extra safe.

Its a very tatty and worn box complete with a varied selection of labels attached which may indicate its been on a few world journeys! i simply love the way this turned out.

The painting can either be kept in the box or displayed on the wall of the person who becomes the lucky owner,  if it is displayed on the wall the box could also be put to good use somewhere else.
While i was constructing this i also came up with the idea of creating a vintage artists box too, complete with paints and a few other accessories,well i seem to have plenty of time on my hands at the moment so hopefully I'll come up with some interesting new pieces.
Take care for now.  Tony.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Miniature Antiquities.

The past few days have been quite different for me in more ways than one, Firstly i spent the whole of Wednesday in hospital in excruciating back pain only to be diagnosed as having a partial slipped disk unknown to me i had caused this four hours earlier and carried on working until i had to be carried out of work by an ambulance crew! i have to say its not been easy at all, completing simple tasks has now become very difficult to the point of needing help to get dressed, plus i have my regular work calling me everyday to go back as i was in the middle of completing a very important defence contract! this makes me quite angry as i have only been absent from work for three weeks in the last 30 years of which i was also hospitalised! OK that's my little moan over, onto miniatures.

As mentioned last week i told you that i was going to make a cabinet for the tiny bronze figure that i discovered while metal detecting.

Quite a lot of high status homes from the 18th century onwards would have collections of antiquities and rare objects as a way of not only showing off there wealth but also providing a great conversational topic while entertaining guests.
          This complete piece stands just under 5'' tall and also has a tiny draw built into the bottom.
The back of the cabinet has my own makers label along with a description of what the cabinet holds inside and where it was discovered.

This close up view gives a slightly better glimpse of the actual figure behind the real glass panels, i have found that if you study the piece carefully you can actually start to make out eyes and various other parts of the body, a truly amazing little object to have in a period collection or wunderkammer.
Completing this was a little more difficult than anticipated due to my condition, but i tend to find the pain easier when I'm stood up rather than sitting down, I'm hoping this situation wont last to long as its already driving me nuts (pardon the pun)
This piece of work will be available on my for sale page.
Just a reminder also that there is still time to enter my giveaway for the tiny watercolour.
Have a great and safe week everyone.    Tony


Sunday, 17 March 2013


Hi everyone, Life has been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks but I'm still managing to squeeze a few hours here and there for making new pieces.
In the up and coming few weeks and months i have some very special and Unique pieces which will hopefully be completed, once i set my vision on something it really is only a matter of time until it materialises into a finished piece of work.
One of these piece which i still have the cabinet to construct is this very tiny cast bronze figure.

I discovered this little fellow in a place i have metal detected before but due to heavy rains and flooding over the last few months certain embankments have changed and in some cases have also been washed away. When i first discovered this piece it really did not look anything like how you see it now, a large layer of crust had built up due to constant wet conditions but after carefully cleaning it became obvious it was a tiny figure. I have since been told it possibly dates to the bronze age which if so would make it one of the oldest finds i have come across and measures a mere 1.5'' the bronze age lasted in great Britain from 2,500 BC to 800 BC.
Mounting this piece was a difficult task as i didn't want to detract from its detail and beauty so i constructed a tiny base from Ivory and carefully mounted it as you see in the photo.
Once this piece is completed it will also have its own display case.
I would also like to welcome my new followers and thank them for not only following my blog but also taking an interest in the pieces i make, Also just a quick reminder that there's still plenty of time to enter my giveaway if you haven't already and stand a chance of wining a miniature watercolour signed by myself.
Have a great week everyone.     Tony.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bible Casket Complete.

After showing you all the exterior of this piece of work it is now completed and i am ready to share what treasures lay inside,so lifting the lid...

The first thing that you really notice is the tiny red wax seal and the book it holds , i will go into this in more detail later.
The other thing is the tiny round glass window. The casket is based on a 14th Century piece so i have mounted a Edward III ( 1312 - 1377 ) silver penny into this viewing window, Edward III was one of only five British monarch's to have ruled England for more than fifty years,and is also noted for laying the foundation for English Parliament, this small penny was found by myself not far from where i live in a ploughed muddy field. So moving onto the tiny seal and book.
The material for this Bible i have used in another one of my pieces of work HERE , The bible is covered and bound in genuine 17th Century Vellum , The vellum with the tiny red seal on holds the book in place while inside the casket, if you look inside you can just see the ladies surname still.
                                     The Bible is 1.5'' in length to give you and idea of scale.
           The casket also contains two secret compartments one of which holds an Ivory crucifix.
While the inside which is a little difficult to see is covered in Victorian velvet material, the tiny glass window which acts as the viewing window for the coin was once the glass in a ladies watch.
So there you go a peek inside this aged and worn casket and the little treasures it holds, i hope you all like them! This piece will be for sale. I would just like to thank everyone who up to now has entered my giveaway for the tiny watercolour, there's still plenty of time before the draw so if your interested just leave a comment and you never know!!
Have a great and safe week everyone.        Tony.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Giveaway Time!

Up for grabs is this 1/12th hand painted watercolour on  handmade Fabriano paper. Mounted in a shabby type frame with brass plaque the artwork is signed by myself and also signed on the back. I will be working on some more piece like this that will all depict local scenes around the area i live. So if you fancy a shot at wining this piece  all you need to do is leave me a comment, simple as that. Entries are welcome world wide and will close at midnight UK time Friday 29th march and the wining entry will be picked by my grandson on Saturday 30th.
Good Luck to everyone who decides to enter.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bible Casket.

Hi everyone, hope your all having a great weekend! This piece of work i have had on the go for a fair amount of time and is just about at its completed stage.

Unlike a bible box which was usually plain but sometimes carved the bible casket was usually heavily decorated and belonged to a royal household or an abbey or monastery, my version differs from the bible boxes i have created in the past as you can see but the other big difference is that i will be making the bible that will also accompany it, hopefully i will share the images of the completed piece with you next week along with a few more hidden surprises!!

The casket itself is made from English walnut and measures 2'' long to give you an idea of scale, it has an Ivory arched section to the front with an inset brass lock plate this is then inlaid with another tiny piece of ivory where the key hole is located.
Make sure you check back next week for the finished item!
Now time for walkies with grand children.
Have a great week everyone .           Tony.