Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slow Progress.

Hi everyone, and a warm welcome to my new followers. This has been a tough week for me as i decided to return back to my full time job after 5 weeks with a slipped disk in my back, after taking regular back exercise and visiting a physiotherapist i came to the conclusion that i would be fit enough to return and do light duties! Hmmm it did not quite turn out the way i anticipated, a combination of pain killers and stress plus irrational people does not make you feel to good.
The build i am currently working on has also stalled as i am waiting for materials plus I'm still experimenting with different lighting which needs to be done before i can continue any further although i couldn't resist putting one of my pieces inside to see how it looked.

This tiny carved panel was given to me many years ago by a cabinet maker who had been asked to convert a piece of Japanese furniture in this case a cabinet to hold a TV set, yes i know what your thinking taking such a beautiful piece of furniture to pieces to house a TV is just wrong in my opinion but that's the way things go. The cabinet was constructed in 1890 and had a total of 29 draws inside all of which were removed and reused with the exception of this tiny one that measures just 3.5'' x 2'' on viewing the back you can also still see the joints which were made to hold the sides in place too one thing that did puzzle me was that this was the only draw that never had a handle so I'm a little confused as to how it was opened unless it had some type of spring mechanism? either way i was very happy to take this off his hands at that moment in time and it now has the perfect home.

The plain walnut frame around the outside was added by myself  but is fully removable , i just thought it gave it a better finish.
Ive also been thinking about some type of name for the gallery once its completed, this isn't as easy as i thought it would be so if any of my followers and friends would like to submit ideas i would be more than happy to consider using one that i like and in the event i do use one then i will send that person a small token of my appreciation.
Hopefully over the next few weeks i will be able to share with you more progress as it happens or alternatively share the tiny treasures that will be displayed in this new build.
Have a great week everyone.   Tony. 

Friday, 19 April 2013

New Build Progress.

Hi everyone, well as promised i have managed to take a few shots of how this piece is progressing. It may be a little difficult to understand how this piece is going to look once complete so I'll try my best to explain, also please excuse the spare rooms tidiness!! lol.

This is a top view showing the walls and floor space, the roof overhang to the left covers a recessed area inside the building this will have lights mounted along not only the inside section but also the area that covers the entrance. To the bottom of the image you can see one of the full wall length windows, this along with the two wall sections to the left and also the top are fully removable for ease of access and also for photographing items on display, i will mention that the property is meant to resemble a gallery for displaying not only pieces i make but also for some of the items i have collected.
This image shows the front of the build and the main entrance which as i said before will be a sliding door, all of the windows and doors are or will be constructed from walnut, the main frame and floor are all solid oak, also in this shot you can see the overhang that will house the lights, again the end wall section in this shot with the two window panes is fully removable.
This photo shows the wall section removed. The interior solid walls i wanted to do something a little different with i decided to panel these with different hardwoods, these are beech, oak , maple and koto.

Again showing the main entrance with the overhang also in this shot you can see the different timber i have used for the interior walls.
An end view shot through the floor to ceiling windows, i wanted as much natural light as possible to shine inside the gallery once completed.

And finally showing the main entrance again with the interior wall timbers, again because i have made the wall sections fully removable this also enables me to construct different designed sections which will also give the building a different look.
Well that's the progress i have made so far, there's still a fair way to go but I'm happy how its turned out up to now, I'm still planning the roof and also looking around for different lighting options as this moves forward i will make more progress reports on how things are going.
Have a great weekend everyone.   Tony.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Build.

Yikes another none image post!! Well work on the new build is progressing and i do promise to post some shots of it soon, one thing that's struck me after starting this is how big it is compared to working in 1/24th, i suppose the fact that i usually make items which go inside buildings as opposed to me actually making the building also has something to do with it. Because i hadn't actually put any plans on paper or even worked out dimensions it means i have had tell myself when to stop and that the building at least for the time being is adequate for my needs, one thing i have learned is that its so easy to get carried away when building something like this and before you know it ..well its a long term project and that's what i didn't want, there's also the fact that i'm limited for space.
Ive used all completely recycled timber for this project the main framework of the building and floor is Oak while all the window frames are currently going to be made from walnut, also as things have progressed I've managed to construct it in such a way that 3 of the 4 exterior  walls will have large removable panels this will make it easier for me to take better internal photographs, another reason i went with this idea is it allows me to design new panels to give the building a different look and also extend it if i ever wish to, this has been made easier by the fact the building has sliding doors, i do apologize if it sounds a little puzzling but as i said hopefully i will have some images up pretty soon.
Have a wonderful week everyone.   Tony

Monday, 8 April 2013

New Project.

For the past few months I've been rolling ideas around in my head about constructing a build in 1/12th scale! i know i still have the cobblers shop to complete but constructing a build in 1/12th would serve more than just one purpose for me, it would enable me to take photos of the pieces i make in a 1/12th scale setting plus after constructing the cobblers shop  in 1/24th doing something in 1/12th would most likely be a lot easier. After some deep thoughts i decided that what i wanted to construct had to be quite simple not just in terms of the build itself but also the actual look. I have rather strange tastes in real life architecture mixing both old and modern yet trying to blend the structure into natural surroundings, One of my all time favourite architects is Frank Lloyd Wright , i also have a passion for Huf Haus, founded in 1912 the German company is now the worlds leading supplier of houses built in the Bauhaus tradition.
So I'm thinking how can i combine a little bit of all these together!!  Its not going to be anything on a very large scale, in fact a single story only, but suffice to say it will allow me to take photographs of future pieces i make in a 1/12th scale setting.
                                                           Let Construction Begin!!
Have a great week everyone.  Tony.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Tick Tock.

Hi everyone, firstly i hope everyone has enjoyed there Easter weekend.
The piece I'm about to share with you so the story goes was picked up by a semi retired clock restorer at a local antique auction quite a few years back. There was no description that accompanied the piece except that it was not working and there was no access to the inside mechanism.

Upon inspecting the clock at the auction, the restorer who eventually won the clock noticed on the front was a engraved plaque that mentioned a well known archaeologist which for him gave the piece a certain mysticism about it.

Upon getting the clock back to his workshop he struggled to find a way of viewing the internal mechanism so decided to leave it until the next day.
After spending a few more hours pondering over what he had brought home he discovered something special about the clock.
The fact that the clock didn't actually have any working internal mechanism but was in fact a type of secret box that had been constructed to look like a clock, to his amazement what sat inside was a small piece of treasure like he had never seen before, The solid silver head bust of Nefertiti Mounted onto a base of Ivory.
Obviously the clock restorer was over the moon with his purchase and instead of restoring the outer case decided to leave it just as it was so it would not draw attention and keep it in his own personal collection. An imaginative and interesting story made up with the help of my grandson.
The clock itself measures a little under 2'' in height,with the silver head bust measuring 1''.
This piece of work will be available on my for sale page.
Have a great and safe week everyone.   Tony.